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This is it! Day 10 of the #summer10x10 challenge (& my first “baby”, Sadie, joined me in the photo). So, don’t fret! This just means it’s back to a lot more photos of my cute kids and quite a few less of just myself 😉. It certainly has been fun seeing how many different outfits I could create with just a few pieces and if anything, it pushes me even more in the direction of a minimal wardrobe.

Is this not the cutest flower filled coffee cup that you ever did see?! All the credit goes to #mysweetsophie ❤️😍🌼

In honor of World Breastfeeding Awareness Month, BLANQI is having a limited-time 50% off sale on their Pull-Down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktops! Get yours before the sale ends! They are super comfortable and supportive and are easily a wardrobe staple for any pregnant or nursing mama! @blanqigirls #blanqipartner
I was able to breastfeed my babies for a combined total of 50 months and though it wasn’t always easy, it was definitely worth it. I will always cherish those moments and am grateful I am captured this image right before we weaned.

These girls of mine 🧡🧡🧡 | Day 9/10 #summer10x10

Love post nap snuggles & this photo Soph captured ❤️ You can barely see it but I am wearing my Madewell Tee and H&M Jeans for the 8th day of my #summer10x10 challenge.

Another day late, but this was my outfit for Day 7/10 of my #summer10x10 challenge. While Sophie was taking my photo an old friend, Evie, showed up and wanted some love and attention. She has been living on my parents property for years now and even had a few litters of kittens a couple years back. This was before my sweet sister took her to be spayed. We didn’t know where she had run off to or if she was even alive but here she is! And looking healthier than ever. 🙌🏻

I have so many pictures from 2018 that I have yet to share. I know it won’t be possible to post them all, but please don’t mind me if I add some here and there. ❤️

Yesterdays look. Day 6 of the #summer10x10 challenge

Sophie has a shirt that reads, “Art is my Favorite Sport.” And it really couldn’t be closer to the truth. She for sure takes after her mom and dad in that aspect. I caught the girls playing “art school” together today and had to snap a quick picture of all the cuteness ❤️

Art is just another way I take time for myself. Working hard on an exciting project that I can hopefully reveal soon! Also, here is my day 5 outfit for the #summer10x10 challenge. Not going to lie, I wore this for about an hour before I changed into leggings and a tee. BUT that’s only because we were headed to the splash park and a skirt didn’t seem fitting. 😆😉

My day 4 outfit for the #summer10x10 challenge. •
Photo credit: Sophie 🧡

Sometimes I still can’t believe they are mine 😍😭💙 #soblessed

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