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Dr. Zak Gabor — DPT, CSCS  Simplifying Physical Therapy and Empowering Humans PT @bostonptwellness Founder @thelevelupinitiative Educator | Speaker | Inspiration | Haver of Fun

Today wraps up the whirlwind experience of being an adjunct professor for @ihpdpt for the past 6 weeks.

What an amazing and humbling experience. It was SO much fun, and extremely rewarding. I told my students, if you only leave with one thing from this class, I hope you are leaving with a better critical thinking hat. To me, this must be one of the FOUNDATIONS for all students and new grad PTs.

Extremely proud of @haley.j.harrison @jmsiglesia And @msantiago20 For taking action and making this course happen!!! As well as all the awesome students who took the course! The inspiration for all the students across the country is worth it and then some!!!

Students: if you want change. BE THE CHANGE. Because it will not happen on its own. But YOU can make it happen. The future of this profession is BRIGHT.

Until next time...
Professor Z, out! ✌️ ⠀


Over the next four weeks, I will be applying four of my favorite concepts from "Extreme Ownership" by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and sharing my take on how they relate to rehab.

1️⃣: Decentralized command in rehab- what is it? and why does it matter for great outcomes?

Essentially, it means exactly what it seems. Making sure that “subordinates” understand the strategy behind the mission so well, that they feel empowered to make on the spot decisions in a way to lead to the best outcomes possible.

In Physical Therapy, this is no different, and arguably has more relevance then ever!

As it relates to our current healthcare situation, we are doing our best to move away from a productivity-centric model that rewards volume. This requires us to be more effective than ever in our education and leadership, so that patients can be seen in fewer visits and take control of their rehab.

In order to effectively treat in as few visits as possible, DECENTRALIZED COMMAND is crucial.

How well are you explaining the game plan or "mission" to your patient? Do they understand the "why" to the point that they can act with conviction to make productive decisions as it relates to their positive outcomes and long term independant management? This is why for me, education rises to the top as the most effective treatment strategy, ESPECIALLY, as it relates to long term independence.

Remember, if we execute this leadership tenant, we effectively shift the locus of control from US to THEM.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?👇

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Taking notes from one of my informal mentors @daniel_viscovich on this fine Monday.

I am a very sensitive and emotional person. I am very hyper aware of what people think of me, and I am certainly guilty of letting it ruin my day, mood, and ability to take action.

But ya know what? Each day I grow more confident and unafraid of what others think. I remind myself of my why, my mission, and I carry along. Thankful to have some great people in my life to remind me as well! Now go out and be unapologetically yourself!!!

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“To be unafraid of the judgment of others is the greatest freedom in the world.” #move #grow #thrive

Momma we made it!!! If you haven’t- please check this out and let’s make a difference together!

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“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

Well, I can honestly say, since the birth of this idea in January, it has entirely consumed me. It has been terrifying. But the mission and vision behind this movement make my soul combust with endless determination.

🔥At this time, I’d like to proudly announce that the website is live and enrollment for the first cohort of mentees is open (48 spots).🔥

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone’s support so far. We are truly just getting started. Thank you to the amazing team working to make sure this vision came to life.

Time to come together for the greater good of our patients and raise the freakin’ bar in healthcare. Let’s. GO.


This magnet hangs on my fridge so I can see it every day, and live it every day.

Unless action is taken, change simple does not happen.

Tomorrow, 6 months of daily action launches in an effort to be the change I wish to see in the world.

👉 @thelevelupinitiative 👈

Who’s ready to be accountable for taking action and driving some positive change???? Let’s f*cking GO.


Back on that teaching grind!!! Making our way out to LA at the end of August to talk all things Deadlift, but more specifically: integrating some pain science concepts into a comprehensive and simplified approach for training around low back pain. Huge thanks to @prosportptperformance and @coachmattcamargo for hosting us!!! Where my LA peeps at??? Pint night after??? Link in bio!!

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Excited to announce that on September 1st we will be hosting the Hip Hinge 101 Workshop brought to you by @matthewibrahim_ and @simplestrengthphysio. This is going down at our ProSport Laguna Hills location, 9am-5pm. Ticket link in bio. Seats are LIMITED, so sign up fast.
👉🏼This educational workshop provides a simple, systematic approach to pain-free deadlifting and hip hinge-based exercises.
👉🏼All are welcome—Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Students, Clients and Athletes.
👉🏼This workshop is accredited through the NSCA for 0.7 CEUs and through the NASM for 0.7 CEUs.

Been following this account for sometime now and I’m sold. Super legit. Awesome message and why. This one hit home HARD. They said it perfect! More of this HUMILITY in the rehab world please👇

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Growth & change require you to put your ego to the side. If you’re trying to improve anything- whether that’s to get out of pain, improve physically, or just grow personally- it requires you to be vulnerable, keep an open mind and learn from others. You don’t know everything, so stick your neck out, ask questions that you feel are “dumb” (likely, they are not), be seen as “foolish” and learn from those around you.


What the heck does that even mean??

I first heard this original concept from Erik Meira (The Science PT) and it struck a chord with me. Especially as he notes in his "Load It" article how it is a very unspoken part of the "loading" that we apply to a system. So let's try and break it down, critique it, and see where it's applicable for us as clinicians.

CRITIQUE: Following up from the allostatic load post from earlier this week with the "cup analogy," I had a very good conversation with @corkinetic. While stress theory is a great starting point and clinically valuable to understand, it is certainly a overly simplified application as it deals with the emergent and individual process that is pain. That being said, here is how I utilize and understand this concept of "Psychological Loading."

We talk a lot about "loading" in rehab, but as @physio_praxis eloqeuntly put the other day in a helpful flow chart..."Do you even load??" Often times, clinically, we are constrained by pain and tissue status to truly "load" at appropriate % of RM, so does that mean that submax exercise and loading is useless? Def not. Here's why👇 ⠀
When we "load" in rehab some of the following things can happen as they relate to psycho-emotional factors:
-Decrease fear-avoidance through "violation of expectation." (ex: "I can't deadlift! It's bad for my back!" *Does Deadlift variation* "Woah! That didn't even hurt, what the heck?")
-Increase self-efficacy
-*Potentially* if a patient has a higher "Psychological Threshold" one might say they would have more resilience to the MULTITUDE of different stressors applied to the system.

I should be explicit: WE ARE NOT PSYCHOLOGISTS...HOWEVER...properly educating patients as it deals with MSK pain and injury is ABSOLUTELY within our scope. And the research is quite clear in stating how KINESOPHOBIA and FEAR AVOIDANCE are two of the biggest perpetuators of long term persistent pain. So if we can get these wins by getting our patients moving, and educating them, well then, that's huge town! ⠀
What are your thoughts on this concept? Valid? Over simplified? Hit me and lets get some discussion below! #JustLoadIt

Never woulda seen it coming in a million years. But looking back it makes so much sense. Happy one year boo, I couldn’t be more in love with you. ❤️❤️❤️


-Reduce percieved pain/tightness
-Open up short term windows of range of motion
-Potentially facilitate faster return to activity

PASSIVE TREATMENTS (alone) can NOT help:
-Build up structural tissue capacity
-Create true independence from practitioner
-Break up scar tissue/adhesions
-Realign “out of place” joints (barring a traumatic dislocation or congenital laxity factors)

***With the proper narratives surrounding what passive treatments ARE NOT DOING, they can be a great adjunct (key word) to your over arching ACTIVE STRATEGY. There is nothing wrong with giving patients relief***

-Improve structural tissue capacity
-Improve neuromotor capacity
-Decrease fear avoidance (psychological loading- more on this later this week ala Erik Meira’s concept)
👉Shift the locus of control from provider to patient👈

So where do I generally fit in? Well, you know I am absolutely about that ACTIVE life!!! But this does not mean passive interventions do not have their place! They just need to be carefully considered, and supplemented with proper narratives, ESPECIALLY as they can be linked to breeding DEPENDENCY on providers for a "fix."

I get a lot of patients who are coming to me in pain after trying lots of different things from lots of different providers...I will usually ask, "Have you ever tried any active strategies?” The answer (sadly) is usually mostly passive only...This infograph is how I help explain how more active strategies can be a great possibility to explore and more importantly, create INDEPENDENCE.
(Cup analogy adapted from @greglehman)

Are you more of #TeamActive or #TeamPassive???

I have to say I was EXTREMELY proud to be part of this product that is based in SOUND information, no fear mongering, and education HEAVY. Foreal- great resource for students, new grads, and even the general public! Link on @thestrengththerapist page! ⠀
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Our 29 days of Low Back has come to an end and we grateful for everyone who has been along for the ride.
To summarize the month, we’ve made a PDF of all of the posts put together in one succinct product. As well, we’ve put together a YouTube video that has all of the posts in a series for easier viewing than scrolling post by post.
The PDF is available for free in our ebook section of our website (link in bio), and the YouTube video can be found there as well, or on our YouTube channel!
Thank you to all of the contributors for putting in time and effort on this, it came together really well!
If you’d like to stay up to date on more free products, articles, videos, etc. head on over to our website and subscribe to our newsletter which comes out 2-3x a month with tons of updates and free content!



For me- Tendinopathy is one of the most interesting things to study. It’s such a FIRE analogy for rehab at large (thanks for that @greglehman). I used to hate tendinopathy as a new grad, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Since then, myself and co workers included have decided to make understanding tendinopathy a high priority.

UNREAL graphic from!!! Thank you for knowledge bombs in an easy digestible format.

Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT)is a common issue in runners. Here is some useful info about PHT and Phase 1 of rehabilitation. Listen to the full podcast episode 046 on the Physio Edge podcast!
Remember to sign up to the Running Repairs Online course via the link in bio! #runningphysio #runningrepairs

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