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  Enjoying the little things in day at a time Life is short, so please don’t waste my time by following and unfollowing!

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn


This post really spoke to me this weekend! It is very freeing to cleanse your life of all the stuff you don’t need - negativity, clutter, unneeded possessions and most certainly your IG feed. Life is too short to waste your time on anyone or anything that doesn’t add value to your life by educating, entertaining or inspiring you. Here’s to all the great IG folks out there I love to follow. Keep doing what you do. 😉

Credit to @ombition

Moody Evening☁️ #eveningsky

Sometimes I feel like the @oldbitchesofinstagram are writing these just for me!☝️😂 #sassy

Change is good!

Took the leap and went for the big chop! No regrets. Embracing changes don’t always have to be major life decisions - sometimes a new haircut is enough. 😄


Scenes of Havana continued...
As you can tell, we really enjoyed our time in Havana! Yes, it is an iconic place and all the elements you expect are there - old cars, Latin beats, cigars, and so on. But there are beautiful little vignettes of everyday life too, elegant streets and architecture, that positive and upbeat Cuban attitude and a fierce pride in their heritage and independence. If you can set aside judgement and political opinion, there is much to admire and appreciate.

I hope one day to return. Viva Cuba!


I am reminded today of the importance of an optimistic outlook on life. We all go though difficult times or have days where it is a struggle to feel positive. Recently, our family experienced the loss of a loved one. She was a vibrant, strong and loving personality, and we feel her absence keenly.

However, it reaffirms the need to value everything good in your life and to actively show appreciation for it. It may all end sooner than you think.

It also puts life into perspective - what should be considered important and therefore worthy of your time, thought and attention.

Life is worth living, my friends. May we all use our time well.


Scenes of Havana Part II🌿

Such a beautiful city full of vibrant people, lively music and some really excellent coffee!


I know I am picky about grammar and punctuation. I get it - this is social media where we don’t need to be too formal about these things, and we all make mistakes! But have you ever noticed the same errors repeatedly? If you want, feel free to tell me “You’re too picky and your grammar isn’t perfect either!” But please do it correctly. 🤓📝 #grammarpolice

Scenes of Habana 🌿

History and endless sea to sky views in Old Havana🌊


Finca Vigía🌿

The Cuban home of Ernest Hemingway from 1940 to 1961. A beautiful and gracious colonial style home with trailing and blooming vines, stacks of weathered old books and an air of stepping back in time to a more elegant era. Even if you are not a huge Hemingway fan, it is still lovely to see. I was fascinated by his evident love of reading and by the beautifully preserved condition of the home. You almost expect him to walk into the room at any moment.


🍁Toronto 🍁

This is a beautiful, vibrant city that I love to visit and will continue to do so. Say a prayer for the 10 dead and 15 injured in today’s attack. God Bless.


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