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Simple Pickup  There are two kinds of guys in this world: Guys that watch SimplePickup. And guys that get friend-zoned.

Sitting down with the beautiful Alix Lynx. What questions would you like me to ask?

You know the quote: "I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member." Well that's how I (used to) feel about girls. And if that's how you feel right NOW, player... it's time to work on your self-confidence.

Sure, "chilling" helps to take the edge off. But that edge is only there because you feel like something's lacking in your life. Want to experience real happiness? Work your ass off and accomplish something BIG!

Saying "Hey, what's up?" on Tinder is like whispering when you try to ask a girl out in person. It's bound to fail because it feels like you're not even trying. You can do better than that, player.

The new episode of What To Text is live! Prepare yourself for the unthinkable... because this episode is directed by M. Night Shyamalan. (You'll see what I mean when you watch it... 😂.) Link in bio.

This is my philosophy on happiness. What’s YOURS? -Kong

Looks DON’T matter. Hygiene DOES. 😂

Just wrapped shooting new episodes of What To Text with our host @mikecapes and guest textperts @lordrobinsteffen and @derekwestoncomedy! Stay tuned!

You think you're avoiding risk by not taking action. But let me tell you... you're not. You're really just avoiding taking a chance at accomplishing your wildest dreams.

Tag that friend who always says “I’ll go to the gym when I’m done with exams,” or “I’ll go for her when school's out.” Know this: There's no such thing as a perfect moment. If you seriously want it, get started right now. -Kong

Sex is sex... right? Wrong! Oh so wrong... 😏 Find out why on this week's Drunk Times episode where we tackle sex involving the "crimson tide." Link in bio. -Kong

Because you never know when, where, or why you're going to need them. 😂 -Jesse

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