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Simon K A S S I A N I D E S  Actor and filmmaker 👊 I take photos in my spare time too 👉 @simonkassphotography

#nofilter kinda day...

Birthday happiness 🎉💥❤️🙋🏻‍♂️ thanks for making the last year a great one, hope to bring you all smiles this coming year. Going to work as hard as I can to help bring you the very best tv show you’ve seen yet!

The expert touch. @kenpaves is number 1 people🥇 Sending love from Los Angeles.

Counting down the days my love...❤️ @jessjes__

Keep your eye on your goals. Took a similar photo years back. Was with the wrong people around me. Didn’t have a grip on what made me tick. Keeping busy with all the wrong things rather than being quiet and listening. Not easy. But the most rewarding. Go get em out there! Have a great day.

Great place to stay out of the heat 🔥 how’s your week?

I think I deserve one of these....yes? No? @simonkassphotography

Next stop: LA.
Been one hell of a year lemme tell you. Faith. Hard to hold onto but the sweetest damn thing when it comes good.
Suits: Second City. Let’s do this. One hell of a show coming your way.

Good day 💪 inspired by @therock recent post. Positivity. Surround yourself with the right people. Those that champion you. Truly. Fear will make you settle. And that’s a fast track to nowhere. Beware of the little comments, the glances that ‘mean nothing’ because they erode like a stream wears down a stone. Being alone is better than being with assholes like that trust me. Do you ⚜️

Big changes happen one step at a time. Daily focus. Hard work. Have a plan. Stick to it. Keep your head down. Repeat. No secrets or magic tricks out there. Quiet the noise. Do you.

London Kassianides guys! Celebrated my amazing niece’s birthday today 🎉 hope you all had a great weekend! Sending love x

The best in the world ❤️❤️ love you bro, love you mum x x

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