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Simon James Morris  Writer and picture editor for Journeys by Design - a Brighton-based Africa tour opererator - jumping on the Instagraphic band-wagon 🐖⛺🍄👵📷

Day something of something of our great Scottish cycle trip. We made it to Mull.

Chilling with the #guillemots of #oban

If you're ever in Oban... ...there are many things to do among which a large proportion involve eating and drinking in vast quantity. In particular the Oban Seafood Hut deserves a mention where we watched fisherman coming in with fresh crates of wriggling prawns, lobster and crabs and oysters and pretty much straight to plate. 27.50 for the 'grand platter for two' enjoyed on the sea wall. Took a mosey down the front where the same platter was on for 100 quid a pop. Good work team.

#seafood #seafoodhut #oban #greatscottishcycle

Some kind of pirate ship.

A small boat off Loch Lochy.

Down the crevasse of our unfortunate forest encounter.

This was the very, very unsurpassable forest we reached 2.5 miles into scaling a rather ruddy steep mountain.

So many beautiful foxgloves by Loch Lochy

Taken just before realising we had scaled a mountain with a short, but very, very unsurpassable forest near the top blocking the path for about 30 metres. Added a casual 5 miles to our route.

Left Fort Augustus on a rainy morning and began pedalling.

Red deer near Fort Augustus.

Harriet speeeeeding.

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