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S I M O N A F E R R A R I  We don't remember days, we do remember moments ..... Currently📌: Italy,Rome 🇮🇹

Reunited in Rome #BestFriends #GirlsTrip #Italy #Rome

Thank you magical Asia for your abundant blessings. For your soft natured happy people, for your amazing cuisine for your gorgeous garden and sea that I so happily played in daily for 3 beautiful months. Now, Europe can you please kindly show me your best and softest side to help continue this beautiful inner growth journey that I am so blessed to be on. #fullmoon #tinkerbell #privateisland #sandmandala #sandart #pixiedust

With a heavy and full heart I am off on a new leg of my adventure- Anderson & Asia have been so kind to me, warm, welcoming, gentle, easy, spiritual, creative, nurturing and beautiful. Anderson has held my hand through all the self discovery I have been doing. We have been side by side , best friends, travel companions, confidants.... This may be the end of this leg but there is no doubt a solid, deep and forever friendship has been made. Thank you for all the crazy adventures, for listening to all my wild deep thoughts and for being so patient with me when I had my internal days. Thank you for keeping me safe and happy. You really are one in a gabillion! My growth would not have been possible without you! #Wunderlust #SkinnyDipping #Bali #GoodCleanFun #ForeverInMyLifeStory #CantWaitToShowMyGrandKids

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous Twin @julfriedman!! I cannot believe you are actually growing up and auditing so beautifully. You really have flourished into yourself this year and it's beautiful to witness.
I love you with all my heart!!!

The Universe and I are dancing to the most beautiful music at this present moment - Let the synchronicity and the formation of intention into action continue and this freakishly abundant pace-
#jungleart #balimagic #newdress #universealignment #balidacha #ubud #bali #synchronicity

BLESSED in BALI- the main part of my travel journey is self discovery. The past few days I dove into the depths of myself and found some very uncomfortable spaces. I have been out of sorts, sad, lost but so appreciative that the work that I intentionally set out to do wth myself is in front of me. It's a little bit overwhelming but I couldn't feel more blessed to be giving myself this time and space to get to know me. I feel grateful for the people that surround me and support me daily. through this very shaky space. @andersoncharleslife, my right hand man that really has the toughest job of all being with me day and night, @laurahowelldaly & @insta_jenscholtz for being my soul sisters down south and my dearest Mommy who speaks to me daily with words of encouragement. I love you all so much and your love for me makes me understand myself better. Thank you! 🌸🌸🌸

Trying to keep my eye on the prize- #travelfortruth #soulsearching

Happy Woman's Day- FREEDOM
I've been on my traveling adventure for nearly 3 months. I've dedicated this journey to self discovery and empowerment. I've learnt that I love to be in the world standing alone as an independent woman (and that there is nothing to be scared of). I have learnt that one doesn't need strength on this journey but in fact operating from a place of love and softness is the way the world responds beautifully to your soul. I've always embraced my femininity but it's beautiful to see that without make-up or any fancy clothes I have more power. I have started to learn what Freedom really means to me and my wish to all woman is to be truly free, financially free, to express your femininity and sexuality freely to be free from guilt and judgment.

These colours make me happy🦄🌼🌸🌎

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