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Simmer Style WA  Welcome to Simmer Style Western Australia. Jesper Orth AUS 10. INT team rider & sales agent

Tony from Slingshot enjoying the effortless handling of the 3 batten Simmer Style Tricera 4.5, flying high on his 111cm Ghost Whisper foil. #simmerstyle_windsurfing #simmerstyle_france #slingshotfoil #slingshotaustralia

Young Simmer rider Damien impressing with recently winning the IFCA Youth World Championship and then backed it up with another win at the European Championship. It will be exciting to follow his next many years ahead :)

Simmer team rider Avan, took the SX3 96L / SCR 5.8 for a blast in onshore open ocean wave conditions. Impressive top sped of over 42 kts and a 500m over 40 kts!!!
That's smoooking,,, 😮. @simmerstyle_windsurfing @worldofwindsurf @simmer_style_france

Alan Whelan (on the pic) was one of my first costumers, when I opened Simmer Style WA last year. He then got a full set of sails, masts and board. Great to get a hear that he is super happy with the gear and just ordered himself another set of the new Blacktip sails. Thanks for the positive feedback Alan :) #simmerstyle_windsurfing

I love when all the tuning of the gear takes you towards 'effortless' blasting around for hours.#simmerstyle_windsurfing

Great day at my local spot in a SW winter storm. Simmer Cortex 78 + Icon 4.2 was so much fun. The iconic Fremantle cranes in the background. Picture by Ian Dickson. #simmerstyle_windsurfing #

The printed luff / boom setting on all my Simmer Sails is always spot on. This goes from wave, free ride to race sails. It makes it easy and joyful to rig as there is no time wasted with adjusting extension and boom settings

2019 Simmer Style wave sails available very soon :). Icon / Blacktip / Tricera

Amazing week at the Mauritius Attitude Challenge. The mixture of fun racing / local culture/ and new friends, made it so much fun :). Can't wait to get back there again

It's been a amazing first 3 days here at the Mauritius Attitude Challenge. We completed the leg burning long distance yesterday and everybody had a blast and smile in their face. Can't wait for the upcoming days of action here :)

The Slingshot designer / owner takes a liking to the Simmer Style Tricera 3 batten wave sail. It's all about easy handling. Not sure how a nose dive would go? But the board looks interesting,,#simmerstylewindsurfing #simmerstyle_france #slingshotaustralia

The new Simmer Cortex boards are ready to demo out. 78 / 84 / 90

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