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SIMEN SANDNES 🥁  I play drums for 7 Days in Alaska & Arkentype. Here you will see: - Drumming 🥁 - Vegan food 🌶 - Traveling 🛫 - Animals 🦊 Haken - The endless Knot⬇️

Drums and sticks!
Happy with how this weekends session work turned out. Recorded a song for @andersdanielsenmusic recording some more next week!
Mail me if you need drums on your songs 🙌
📸: @stinesandness ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums

As @rayhaken said: «if the endless knot was a woman, you’d married her.» Yes, thats true. I love this song so much. Took me two years to get my shit together and learn this song. Three days of intese rehearsing and I got it in! 🙈 DAMN!
Thanks for the music, thanks for the love, thanks.
@haken_official ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums #BeatHeadDrums

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Do you need drums on your songs?
I'm available to record drums for YOU!
14 high quality channels. Fast, cheap and 100% satisfaction guarantee! WOOPWOOP! 😎😎😎
Video in comments!
Check out my webpage for more Information
www.simensandnes.com ❤️Link in bio! ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums #BeatHeadDrums

@instagroove_ @drumuniversity @drummers_corner_group @drumsoutlet @drumsharing @collisiondrumsticksuk @drummingco @drumhouse

Tag someone who needs to have their brains go «STOP, STOP, STOP THIS NOW, cus I am exploding»

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MY fist drum cover in a long time is up at my youtube channel.
@avengedsevenfold -Almost Easy.
As Jimmy Sullivan is the main reason I pursued drumming as a career I thought it was fitting to do a proper Avenged Sevenfold cover for once. I've actually covered this song 3 times now. But this one will stay here and is something I am proud of.
I remember hearing this for the first time in 2009 I think, and could just not belive how anyone could play like this. It’s funny to see how we humans never seem to appreciate ourselves becoming better at stuff. In 2011 when I tried to cover this (and it was so bad) I was super happy that I even managed to get through the song decently enough. And now, I feel like I almost can’t post it because it not something super complicated, poly rhythmic prog, which I usually play. If 17 year old me would know that I could play this stuff now, he would die of happiness. Now it’s like «what ever». Haha.
Moral of the story, work hard and appreciate your progress.

Hope you guys enjoy it! ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums #BeatHeadDrums

@instagroove_ @drumuniversity @drummers_corner_group @drumsoutlet @drumsharing @collisiondrumsticksuk @drummingco @drumhouse

I had some friends to mix my little promo for my session work. It's so cool to see how different producers interpret my raw drum sound. Thank you so much guys.
If you ever need drums I'm here for you 😀😉 Check them all out, they are available for mixing, mastering and producing:
@simenhandeland / @sourcetonestudio
For session work check out my webpage:
www.simensandnes.com for more info. ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums #BeatHeadDrums

I watched a video on youtube on «How to play metric modulation». It had like 500.000 views, so many comments and it was so wrong 😂🙈
So I decided to make my own video of «How to play Metric modulation», but first practice the stuff.
I use the @synkd_app to get a nice 5 over 4 «beat». Seriously guys, get this app. It's like 3$ in the appstore! You can do all sort of things with it. Customize every bar in any subdivision from quarter notes to 32’d notes. (Including quintuplets and septuplets)
Here are a few examples on how to metric modulate with 5 over 4 as the «new tempo». ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums #BeatHeadDrums

@instagroove_ @drumuniversity @drummers_corner_group @drumsoutlet @drumsharing @collisiondrumsticksuk @drummingco @drumhouse

@marionwoodseth0 is releasing her first single, "Stjernebilde" today!!! 🎉🍾✨
Looking forward to future collaborations with her and the amazing team at #TheSparkMusic✨
Check out the full song at Spotify (LINK IN BIO)
@alfusen , @kubbi_ , @tobiassolbakk , @lydbolgen_studio , @tobias.aasgaarden
Video: @tobias.aasgaarden 🕺😎❤️ @collisiondrumsticks 🔥

@getgooddrums - is definitely the best and most natural, bad ass sounding drum samples out there. Made my @mattperiphery and @nollyggd of @periphery 🙌 If you want Periphery's drums in your mix, look no further. This is perfect for anyone who works with anything in recording/mixing/producing. Go get it.
I'm using GGD on Kick, Snare and Tom. 100% and it still sounds so natural!
Check their webpage:
GetGoodDrums.com and get your copy today!!! Also I'm basically sight reading this «The Bad Thing» part straight from Matt's drum Book «Juggernaut Omega the complete Drum Transcription» transcribed by @alexrudinger 🙌🙌
Check out his webshop at MattHalpern.com 🙌🙌 Thanks to @gunnulf4 for helping out with filming! ❤️ ----------------------------------------- @bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums #BeatHeadDrums

Here is another video with @westkill 🙌 His creativity is just out of this world. What a guitarist, what a guy. Such brah!! @kieselcarvinguitars
@bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums

@instagroove_ @drumuniversity @drummers_corner_group @drumsoutlet @drumsharing @collisiondrumsticksuk @drummingco @drumhouse

@drumeoofficial posted a sweet @lukehollandd lick yesterday, (TRANSCRIPT IN MY STORY) and as this is the stuff I'm working on lately I thought I'd give it a go. Tried to but it in the context of a groove as I always feel these types of fills are so «forced» when beeing demonstrated. (Not by Luke of course 😂😅) It feels kind of forced into the groove as it should be played much faster, but heck I am so bad at these type of fills, and I started to learn it at 70bpm. This is about 30min of practice 🙈
On the other side, I'm so happy with my progress lately, everything is just going forward. Just a couple of months ago I would not be able to do this AT ALL!
@bosphoruscymbals @mapexdrums @collisiondrumsticks @cadaudio @remopercussion @emnordicdrums

@instagroove_ @drumuniversity @drummers_corner_group @drumsoutlet @drumsharing @collisiondrumsticksuk @drummingco @drumhouse

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