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#SiMBA  Responding to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby.

Today, in collaboration with Aidan's Elephants and the Sunbeam Support Group - Keighley and Craven, joined by families, friends, midwives and doctors we officially unveiled the Tree of Tranquillity and the Sunbeam Garden in Aierdale.
This project started about 6 years ago when we at SiMBA were contacted to ask about a Tree for the area, something we were happy to support, and honoured that the news of our Trees was spreading further away. Helen from Aidan’s Elephants, who the organisation is named after, had a mission to have a beautiful Tree close to where her son was born, so they too had a place to honour all babies who have died, a place to see their names together.

Beverley Beaumont, Bereavement Midwife from Aierdale, with support from midwives Gemma and Dawn, set up the Sunbeam Support group and part of their plans was to have a garden, which they have worked tirelessly to secure, and that garden would become the home for the Tree of Tranquillity.

In 2017 the funds had been raised by parents and families offering support to Aidan’s Elephants and a site for the Garden was found.
In May 2018, the Tree of Tranquillity travelled from Scotland to its home in the Sunbeam Garden, Aierdale, and was put in place by Grant of G Fitzsimmons and son and the first set of leaves attached. The Tree has been handcrafted from copper and bears individual copper leaves which can be engraved. Each one represents a baby who will always be remembered and always loved.
Yesterday a further 23 leaves with beautiful messages of dedication were attached to the tree so they were in place for the official unveiling.

We were so honoured to have SiMBA, Aidan’s Elephants, the Sunbeam group, friends and family to help us all through this journey. We are Blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives.

Violet, who is Aidan’s younger sister, talks about Grant saying “that nice Scottish man”, bonds each leaf to the Tree, a beautiful rainbow shines across them. A lovely analogy from a child. That is true and so poignant, a symbol of the colour and light that our babies brought and still bring to the world.
SiMBA were delighted to be honoured with the Pride of Aierdale award

Every year, thousands of people in the UK are affected by the death of a baby or experience pregnancy loss. We would like to invite you to join the SiMBA team, in your local area, at one of our FREE family friendly non denominational services.

This year we are delighted to be hosting services in :

Caithness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban and Stornoway arrival from 6.15pm (see individual event pages). For information on each service please click on this link to our website

At each venue will host a beautiful service of poems, reading and music where we will light a candle in memory of our babies at 7pm.

We would like to invite you, your children, family and friends to join us for these very special events and to stay afterwards for a tea/coffee and a chance to chat with the SiMBA team.

All of our Wave of Light events are completely FREE but we would be grateful if you could confirm the number of guests (adults and children) in your party so that we can organise catering. Please email Gillian on to confirm your place and the number of guests attending.

If you are unable to join us at a service we are also planning to stream live this event through social media FB from Edinburgh so we would encourage you to join us on the 15th of October and to light a candle at 7pm in your own home.

SiMBA have successfully gained one place in the 2019 London Marathon, and we want to open this place to our very own ballot, and anyone serious about running for SiMBA can enter.

We have a few requirements:
- Tell is firstly why you would like to run for SiMBA, we only want those serious about running to have this opportunity.
- We require a minimum £1000 sponsorship to be raised plus the cost of the place itself which is £396 this can be covered through sponsorship or self funded.
- SiMBA will want to follow your journey, from training pictures, share a bit about you (as much as you are happy to tell) and on the day itself, before/after photos.
- You would have to self fund travel to/from London and any accommodation required.
If you would like to be considered for this place and entered into our ballot, please email and confirm you are happy with the above information.
Our SiMBA ballot will take place Thursday 25th October.
Good luck, the SiMBA Team.

Baby Loss Awareness Week, Day 3.
Awareness, what does that mean? Awareness that not all babies sadly make it, and that can be from a very early stage of pregnancy or around the time of birth, or in the neonatal period. The current UK statistics are that 1:4 early pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 15 babies EVERY single day in the UK are stillborn or a neonatal death. That's 250,000 (that we know of) early pregnancy losses, and of the latter that's 5,475 babies that die every year. The 5475, the reality of that number is the capacity of 13 jumbo jets!

Awareness isn't scaremongering, it's letting people know the facts, the reality that this is 255,475 individuals, couples, siblings, families, friends and hospital/community staff who are affected. This isn't including the number of people who are also affected by ectopic pregnancy, failed IVF, who matter just as much.

Awareness is about support; support we as a charity can give, support that the 60 charities who are involved in Baby Loss Awareness Week can give, and all are here to keep the parents affected at the centre of importance.
Support however can be offered by anyone, but often people don't know what to do or say. It's is very often said that people 'walk across the road' from a bereaved parent as the person doesn't know how to react, the person doesn't want to say the wrong thing. What do you say? It doesn't have to be complicated, 'I'm so sorry', 'Is there anything I can do to help', 'I don't know what to say, but I am here for you', or if it's right just a simple touch or hug, as sometimes there are no words.

Awareness is that baby loss does not go away, it's learning to live every day with that loss, learning to carry it. This can be done in many ways, but ultimately through support, through ongoing acknowledgement, through awareness. 💜

#babyloss #support #makingadifference #saytheirname #BLAW18 #SiMBA

Beautiful sight through our office window on the start of Baby Loss Awareness week #BLAW18 #babyloss #SiMBA

A very proud moment today on the eve of Baby Loss Awareness week, when we unveiled the Lola Commons for SiMBA Family Room and Quiet Rooms at the Royal Alexandra maternity in Paisley that we have been working on over the last year, with discussions and fundraising taken place since 2013.
One of the proudest parts was that many of the families who had been involved in the fundraising came along to the unveiling so they could see first hand these beautiful rooms. Many of the parents had been in the rooms during the time of their own loss, and although today was very emotional revisiting the rooms, it was however extremely moving and feelings of pride to know that the rooms will make a massive difference to future families. @lisanapril85 @commo15 @aprilcommons15_ #babyloss #familyrooms #lolacommonsfund #makingadifference #SiMBA

‘Labour of Love’ HG Productions documentary with @mairirodgers telling her own story about the loss of her daughter Annie and speaking to other brave families about their own loss including our @simba_team Ambassador @lisanapril85 @commo15 and @aprilcommons15_ . The documentary also proudly features @citril1 hosting the SiMBA Inverness Butterfly Release and showing our precious Tree of Tranquillity. A leaf for the tree can be requested via our website The leaves can be requested for the loss of any baby no matter how small or from a loss long ago. The documentary is to be shown on @bbcalba_official on Tuesday 9th at 9pm, link in Bio. #labouroflove #babyloss #babylossawareness #SiMBA #makingadifference #stillbirth #miscarriage #neonataldeath #support

Yesterday @lisanapril85 @commo15 and myself, Sara, visited the Royal Alexandra Maternity, Paisley. We were there to add the finishing touches to the family room and quiet room that we have been working on so we can bring a tranquil rooms for bereaved parents. On Monday we will be unveiling those room to many of the parents who have been involved in the fundraising. I’m sure it’s going to be an emotional but very proud day for everyone involved. #LolaCommonfundforSiMBA #Familyrooms #makingafifference #babyloss #stillbirth #miscarriage

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