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— silverstorm  RIP 😛

bye bye ms silverstvrm !
link (no I won't dm it to u 😴):!bFVgAShQ!64NHGQcm3I4p5VlMzHIQLs05P-GTZt0MFUeyocvLDKw
— first coloring requires fcp 10.3, the rest are mbl
— presets are for fcp
remember to give credit and please don't steal steps from me or claim the overlays or colorings as your own ✨✨

AS you guys may have noticed this acc is incredibly inactive cause I feel like I've grown out of it, so for now I'm gonna archive all my posts and I'm probably not gonna be posting any new edits. I'll post a little giveaway later though cause I don't wanna just disappear when you guys have been so sweet and supportive ✨✨
[comment if theres anything specific u want me to put in the giveaway!!]

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