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Silverjow's art  Artist/graphic designer - Joe, draw under the pseudonym of Silverjow.

Happy Easter Everyone! May your day be full of chocolate eggs!

Hunk of the week #68

Painting process. @wongsim @_j_k_s_

Photo reference: @wongsim Wong Sim photography
Model: @_j_k_s_ Jason Shah

Hunks of the week #67

When Capcom introduced exclusive Street Fighter V DLC costume, the bearded Ryu back in 2015, I know I have to do a fanart for this version of him one day. The Internet at the time freaked out over "Hot Ryu" for a reason.
#hotryu #beardedryu #streetfighter

Ryu from The Street Fighter series is one of my fictional childhood crush. I have to admit that even today a well-drawn picture of him can give me butterflies.

Hi everyone, February's reward has been sent out to all patrons whose pledge went through. For those who have missed it, you may pm me to get the reward. If you have issues download or access the links, please do let me know!

Reward Summary for February 2018 - 4 Hunk of the week artwork: #72 to #75 - Illustrations of the month: "Summer Daze", "Julian Tanaka" and "Easter Bunny". - GOLD PACK Exclusive: Thor Ragnarok fanart

BRONZE PACK Patrons will receive low-res version of 3 illustrations of the month and 4 "hunk of the week" artworks.
SILVER PACK Patrons will receive high-res version of 3 illustrations of the month and 4 "hunk of the week" artworks.
GOLD PACK Patrons will receive the complete package that has sketches, line arts, step by step sequence, high-res JPEG and PSD version of all 3 illustrations of the month and 2 exclusive illustrations for GOLD PACK patrons. And also 4 "hunk of the week" artworks.

To ALL my patrons, thank you so much for your generous support!

He's Derek, the gentle bad boy. Original Character by @albron111
I always been a big fan of Alex Bronnings aka @albron111 It's been a long time since I wanted to do a tribute to this phenomenal artist.

Hunk of the week #66

Hunk of the week #65

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