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Silverjow's art  Artist/graphic designer - Joe, draw under the pseudonym of Silverjow.

<<Draw this again>>
Redraw older drawing with current skillset, 14 years of improvement.

In 2003 (age 16), I really struggled with drawing facial feature. Look at the oval face, pointy chin and nose, I was heavily influenced by manga. At the time I also didn't understand perspective, volume and shape so well. My work has naturally become more dynamic as my understanding of volumes, shape and anatomy improved through practice over time.
Btw, this is one of my OC, I think I had good ideas but the execution has failed miserably. I can still remember when I finished the 2003 drawing, I was so proud of it, it proves that ignorance leads to confidence more often than knowledge does. I believe that in 14 years later today, when I look back at my "draw this again" artwork, I will have the same feeling.

P.s. 2003 drawing, ink pen and poster color on paper. 2017 one is digital, done in Photoshop.

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Illustration from MerMay. #mermen


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Morrigan Aensland fanart drawing process.

New illustration featuring super amazing South Korean mixed Switzerland natural bodybuilder @nicolasiong!

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Character art for Task Force: GAEA by David Berger @inspiredgemini

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