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  Cabochons for sale or just to look at - mostly Australian stones. All cabs cut and polished in Melbourne, Australia.

My favourite - Australian Variscite from Western Australia.
NFS yet.
Still working on my project which is taking a bit longer than I thought and hopefully I can show something next week.

A handful of small natural sapphires from Madagascar.
The person I bought them from didn’t know if they could be cabbed so I guess I will find out. Otherwise I can leave them raw and set them in jewellery 😉.

Australian Amethyst - the finish isn’t perfect (I would say 85% of where I would like them) even though I took them back through the grits a couple of times so it’s the material and not my polishing skills 😂. NFS yet.
I have a new toy to play with so I’m going to be busy with that for the next couple of days. Hopefully it works as I thought and I will have something cool to show you soon.

So I had my first play with carving stones - a suggestion from @thomashewn - so let me know what you think of this style of cab - even if you don’t like them lol.
I think the neutral colour stones seem to work better?
Thomas also suggested that I glam up the photos so I added a bandaid on my finger where the cabbing machine bit me yesterday 🤪. These are from the Elder Futhark alphabet which is the oldest form of the runic alphabet. It was a writing system used by Germanic tribes in the Migration period. It’s inscriptions are found on artifacts, including jewellery, from the 2nd to the 8th centuries and there 24 runes in the alphabet.

Sound on for commentary.
Edit - I’ve since been corrected and it’s not copper but lamprophyllite.

These are up to the polishing stage but they haven’t caught my eye today so I will be playing around with something a little different.
Do you start one thing and finish it or, like me, have 58 other things at various stages of completion?

Thank you to those that came to the sale - I wish I could’ve had more ghosts done for those that missed out.
Payment is required by 8pm Sunday 17th Sept (my time). Shipping Monday.

Last one!
All natural Howlite.
29. $20.
30. $20.
31. $20.
32. $20.
33. $15.
34. $15.

Selling these as one group.
Natural Howlite.
28. $30.

DYED Howlite - some surface pitting.
Comment the number to claim and only claim one per comment pls.
23. $27.
24. $15.
25. $20.
26. $15.
27. $15.

All natural Howlite.
Comment the number to claim and only claim one per comment pls.
18. $25.
19. $20.
20. $18.
21. $20.
22. $20.

DYED Howlite clouds/hearts - some surface pitting.
Comment the number to claim and only claim one per comment pls.
12. $30.
13. $30.
14. $20.
There is no number 15.
16. $15.
17. $15 for the two.

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