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LATEST PETITION FRANCE, BRING JUSTICE FOR KAISER Kaiser was a Bull Terrier. His family left him to starve to death, in plain view, on his family's terrace. Kaiser's family could hear his agonizing cries, yet let him starve. Animal rescue Molosses Ultime Chance was contacted by concerned neighbors, they arrived on September 15, to find Kaiser near death. He was taken to emergency care, but passed away. The veterinarian conformed Kaiser had been starved for several weeks. Please, sign to ask for the maximum LINK IN BIO 'JUSTICE FOR KAISER'

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LATEST PETITION PUNISH FORMER ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY Oswego County, New York. Former animal control officer Samantha Rizzo reported a 'stray' Pomeranian dog. The vet found the pup suffered a broken jaw and several broken bones. Rizzo claimed the dog was a stray. It turned this stray dog, belonged to Rizzo. Rizzo faces animal cruelty charges. Sign to demand the maximum for the abusing animal control officer LINK IN BIO 'AC OFFICER BEAT HER OWN DOG'

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LATEST PETITION PUNISH WOMAN WHO SET ESTRANGED HUSBAND'S DOG ON FIRE Tampa, Florida. Brandi Corrigan poured an accelerant on her estranged husband's dog and set the pup on fire. She then set fire to the home, and left the pup, named Denali, behind, to die. The woman's husband is serving in Iraq. The sweet dog, almost died. She suffered severe burns, and is in extreme pain. Brandi Corrigan has been arrested for the house arson, NOT for animal cruelty. Please, sign to demand she gets the maximum LINK IN BIO 'WOMAN SET DOG ON FIRE'

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LATEST PETITION JUSTICE FOR CHANCE, LEFT TO DIE ON A RUSTY CHAIN When Chance was dropped off at Chicago animal control he was emaciated, his eyes were rolled back in his head, he lay lifeless, with a heavy rusty chain around his neck. The shelter staff was horrified. They rushed the pup, named Chance to emergency care, but he kept seizing, and could not survive a lifetime of neglect. . Chance’s owners face animal cruelty charges. It's imperative they are punished as appropriately as possible. Please, sign LINK IN BIO 'PUNISH CHANCE'S OWNER'

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LATEST PETITION PUNISH GROOMER WHO LET A DOG OVERHEAT AND DIE New Hampshire. Mrs. Doolittle Bath House, owned by Beth Bessemer. Golden retriever Teddy, was taken to the this bath house. Teddy's owner went to pick him up, and found Teddy locked inside a crate, with a noose around his neck. Investigators believe Teddy was left under a hot dryer, unsupervised, for too long, and died of heatstroke. Beth Bessemer was arrested. She bailed out. Sign to demand the maximum LINK IN BIO 'PUNISH TEDDY'S KILLER'

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DALLAS DOG RRR HEARTBROKEN OVER WORST OWNER SURRENDER YET. How could someone let their dog get into this condition? Dallas Dog RRR has a new intake named Hattie. How can someone let this happen to their pet? Hattie’s owners confirmed that her tumor has been growing for nearly two years…they did nothing for her. Sadly, they will NOT be facing any animal cruelty charges. On the bright side, Hattie is finally in good hands. Her long term recovery is yet unknown. Hattie will undergo tumor removal surgery at Vet Ranch. I will update.

Vegans shopping! 🌱
Thank you for your visit @cat_gallardo 👋..had been pleased to meet you in person! 🙄
We could laugh 😂 and cry 😢together, there were beautiful and sad stories, we could sit in the dark by the water and eaten Ice Cream, visited the Roman Glassworks with their year - round Christmas market, we were shopping Queens and strolled through the city!
Was really nice - hope, we see us again 😊💕..bye, bye Gucci 🙋‍♀️

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Shame on this person! He repeatedly hit the mother dog and her puppies with stones, badly injuring one of the puppy. The rescuer has informed the police but they are not helpful. This person has also threatened to poison the mother dog and her puppies. Now six out of eight puppies have gone missing. Disgusting..... Indian police protecting the animal abuser!

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Because animals cannot speak for themselves, it's up to YOU to speak for them and report animal abuse that you witness or suspect.
We have inform police regarding this incident happened on 6/08/18.. but no action taken.
Kindly let us know if anyone can help us in this case.
#india #animalcruelty #animaltorture #abuse #stopanimalabuse #kindness #rescue #dogs #pariahdogs #pariahlove #dog #helpananimal #shameonindianpolice #pleaseshare
#stopthetorture #leaveanimalsalone #animalrights #dogabuse #dogcruelty #voiceforthevoiceless

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✳️STEVIE ✳️ID: #A5218369
🇨🇭IN MEDICAL🇨🇭💖🆘🆘 URGENT!!! INJURED LEG! 🆘🆘He's just a year old and he needs help fast, he's in the medical building with an injure leg. Please SHARE for his life, he's SUCH an angel 👼🏻 and a FOSTER or ADOPTER would save him. Thanks! ✳️STEVIE 💙 💖
🔺#STEVIE🐶A5218369 🔺
🔸This Post Created: 9/18/18🔸
🔹Terrier 🔹 AGE: 1yr
🔹 Male 🔹 ARRIVED:9/12
🔹 Carson Shelter - 310-523-9566
🔹216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248
🔺NOT associated with Carson Shelter🔺
❤️🎥 by @SavingCarsonShelterDogs❤️
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I do not know what happend with this poor puppy but I know he get help and he live..omg he must have so much pain..😢💔 - #Repost @sinop_dikmen_canlarim
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Hala yaşıyormuş.Göz çıkmış dişler kırılmış.Üzerinden araç geçmiş😭😭😭Ben ilçe de değilim😭😭Çamlık bölgesinde ki miniklerikden biri..Hekim iç kanama iğnesi ve ağrı kesici yapmış dua edin lütfen yaşasın.Sabaha çıkarsa Samsun Akademi vet kliniğine yollayacağım😔

Today I wanted to plant a few flowers ⚘ on the grave from my bunny 🐇💕, while I found these remnants of a bird ( blackbird )
R.I.P Birdie ❤

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On the 2nd of September a rescue took place to save the dogs at the slaughter house,
One of the dogs saved was this black and white greyhound. Nobody was aware the dog was pregnant and yesterday she had 3 puppies, but very quickly another greyhound attacked the babies and one died.
The other two have survived so far although one has a graze on one side ..later that night she gave birth to another 3 ..there are 5 babies now.

We hope all 5 will survive and go onto finding overseas homes with candy cane rescue when they are older.

Will update each day on their progress ..Thankyou to the supporters that gave the dogs a second chance and helped save them.
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