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[S]he Who Walks Unseen  "There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in a storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man."

Sauron defied the lightening and the people thought of him as a God. That was SUPER counter productive to what the Valar were intending. *coughs*

Ah school and a grumpy sister just makes life so simple

More Beleg and Turin. XD how is everyone?

*sobs* if I stole this from you, let me know...


Stolen from @general_gcorge_washington HWJSKDODOD LOOK AT THEM AND HOW CUTE THEY ALL ARE! Ben's/Seth's adorable smile! Everything! I want a tricorn hat.... I really want a tricorn hat.... Washington/Ian looks so happy!!!!

Stolen from @_anna.strong GUYS TURN JUST ENDED I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This show was beautiful and had such good acting. The actors did brilliantly and no one could have done a better job at bringing these characters to life: Seth Numrich's wonderful portrayal Ben, Daniel Henshall's awesome portrayal of Caleb, Heather Lind's Anna Strong, Jamie Bell's Abraham Woodhull. Such a awesome cast! Even down to Simcoe, who was one of the best villains I've ever seen in this period. AHH! Not only did the season finale give me a closure and satisfaction and make me cry, but it also reminds me of what everyone went through to fight for our country. Now excuse me as I go read the book, which I only got half way through. I'm glad of that now, because I won't go through withdrawal.

Stolen from @rings.and.silmarils AHHH SHIP SHIP SHIP! I love Beren and Luthien.....

Awww this is so CUTE!!!! Ahh!

Stolen from @doctor.who.memes Here's some Doctor Who for ya!

Stolen from @maeglinsilmaril *goes to sob in a corner and expire*

I stole this beautiful fan art from someone and I'm not sure who. But we can all agree if it's in my camera roll, it's most likely stolen

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