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sillynelly 🐱  📍 Singapore 🏡 +65 🐈- Siamese Mainecoon mixed #babytangyuan

Life is good being tang yuan.

Happy New Year, Pull Your Ear!

We were luck enough to get a last few bookings for whitegrass before their last day of operation.

Other then the ginger curd in picture 3, everything else is delicious to me. This place will never be forgotten because it served me the best chicken breast I had so far... Looking forward to the next restaurant from Sam Aisbett!


Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and home. In this loveliest season, I thank the Lord for so many reason for my happiness!

How I look when I am waking up for work on Christmas Eve... #babytangyuan

#babytangyuan turns one !

Tangyuan is a sweet, mild mannered but very vocal cat. She is nothing short of wonderful ESP when she always keep me company when I do my work or revision.

She was only 2 months old when we first brought her home, see how much she have grown! I am so thankful and lucky that she choose to put her trust in me all almost immediately.

Tangyuan is definitely like our little kiddo now and I hope to keep her healthy so she can be with us for a long long time..❣️❣️❣️

Thank you for making me the luckiest cat in the world❣️ Happy anniversary, Angora

Photo by: @chrischangphotography


Perfect Sunday! I hope we will always have time to have little picnics like this.. 😘


How odd that it's only our first trip to bkk together.. I never knew I have that capability and capacity to eat so much, that we are practically in constant food coma mode 😹. Looking forward to stuff our face with food again in bkk next year!


Not siblings by birth but siblings by choice.

After watching them on Netflix with Justin, we were super lucky to chope the last seating for lunch on a Sunday during this trip.

I am not a fan of spicy food, other then the occasional fish head curry and laksa, I pretty much stay off all sort of spicy food including chilli sauce of all kinds. I don't even like curry chicken.
So you must be thinking if I don't take spicy food, how am I going to survive in a traditional Thai restaurant?! Well.. yes, the dishes here are definitely spicy but they were really delicious! The heat was not just from chilli, I could tell because the fragrance of the different spices were so alluring. My favorite is the beef curry (picture 6), the "oh-so-tender" beef slices married the fragrant curry and we were give a small plate of mustard veg to be paired together with this dish. It was spicy, sweet and slightly sour and then you it with their Thai brown rice.... Oh so so good!

While my Mr. feels that it's a place good for one visit, I would definitely like to go back and have more beef curry or perhaps try their dinner menu.
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Throwback on BKK.

The restaurant name is water library because they literally have a collection of different water from different part of the world,still and sparkling. Sound like gimmick? Yea, that's what I thought about water too but we realised water can taste different! We had a bottle of natural sparking mineral water, the bubbles are soft, gentle and it taste almost a little sweet (see my ig story of the picture of the natural sparkling water)

Anyway, I here for the food, not the water.
Fresh ingredients with thai seasoning then cooked in Western technic, I have mix feeling towards the food. While they definitely interesting take on the fusion food, some didn't quite work well. For example, I felt that the Thai spices on the scallop was overpowering, the sweetness of the scallop was lost under so much spice. The pork with dumplings didn't work out for me too. It look like roast pork but its not, so the skin is not crispy, the fats does not melt away... Other then that the rest were pretty pleasant. Justin love his steak and I really enjoyed my fish and passion fruit pop with soya powder.

Although service was excellent, it's unlikely that I'll feel like I need to come back again when I visit bkk. This fails into my " good, one try will do" kind of restaurant.

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