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Eric Hart  VP of REDCON1 / Dragon Nutra Co-Owner;

Fact - Eating PopTarts improves your IQ. Not really but seems like a good thing to tell yourself

Big day today for @mostinterestingbabyintheworld he’s officially in kindergarten. I can’t believe one kid in college and one in kindergarten, I must really suck at planning

It’s that time of the week again, another installment of #silkyscience with @aaronsingerman and I. Pumps are always an interesting subject because let’s face it, you should be getting a pump from training. But there are some ingredients that do facilitate the process well, so we talk about what works, what doesn’t, what we wish was available, etc #redcon1 #silkyscience #higheststateofreadiness

Sorry for the delay in episodes, been a bit crazy in office lately. This week we are back talking about protein. It’s a quick episode, but we touch on do people really want vegan proteins or do they reach for vegan due to inflammation and digestive issues? We give our opinion as well as some non whey options for protein. And we promise to be back on track. #redcon1 #silkytuba #silkyscience

Call the cops, I’ve been attacked!!! @balancedbodyworksbyd got the best of me tonight, can’t lie. That’s what happens when you beat on yourself and neglect therapy for a few weeks. Shoulders cupped, legs scraped, real exciting Friday night. One girl 20 cups, not the film you thought I’d be

Damn it @envymotoring you killed another one for me. Can’t thank DJ enough for taking a car that was fully white and chrome (looked like it belonged to an 80 year old man) and turning it into my dream car. There’s a lot of people I want to thank about this car but need to thank @aaronsingerman for forcing me out of my comfort zone to get something I really wanted for me, setting the goal and doing it. #rollsroyce #rollsroycewraith #rollsroyceworld #dubmagazine

Happy birthday to my brother from another mother @rudemuscle . We’ve been on a hell of a little journey since meeting years ago, thankful to have you as one of the few people I consider a true friend. And you’re welcome on the midget stripper, she’s coming to your office today

Was hard to keep this one quiet but this is one of my favorite signings I’ve been part of in my entire career in the supplement industry. First I got to sign my friend @flex_lewis at my old company, we got to start @redcon1 with @dallasmccarver and signing @shawstrength is up there as top signings of all time for me. He embodies everything that is @redcon1 and everything that we have stood for since day one. Can’t wait to start to producing some killer content with this guy

Well, after years of asking, @mostinterestingbabyintheworld got his little kitten he’s been wanting; welcome home to his new little girl Mittens the Kitten. Let’s see if he’ll change the litter box.

The joys of putting on a kids birthday party and giving out treat bags to take home and you don’t worry about what’s in them. Sorry @j_giambo

Supplement, drugs, the gateway into working out; what exactly are stimulants? This week @aaronsingerman and I talk about stimulants in the world of sports nutrition: what stimulants are out there, what works, what’s arguably a drug, you name it. This, like protein could be a several hour episode but we kept to 30 min for you to keep you from needing even more stimulants in your day. Listen in and get fire up, you bunch of stim junkies 😜 #redcon1 #silkytuba #silkyscience #higheststateofreadiness #redcon1frontline

Thank you to @theliftfactory for the hospitality today and also preserving the memory of @dallasmccarver . It’s a nice reminder of how much he meant to so many people. Also cool to see our good friends @flex_lewis @jaycutler @danalinnbailey @kaigreene and @optimusprime_334 on the walls keeping everyone motivated. Hard not to get a killer workout in there