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Eric Hart  VP of REDCON1 / Dragon Nutra Co-Owner;

It’s that time again kids, another Episode of Silky Science with @aaronsingerman and myself. This week we dive into the business of supplements. Before we went any further with supplements themselves, figured a little business background would go a long way. Episode #3 is up on iTunes now and can be found through the link in my bio. Also, any questions, topic ideas, feedback, send them to Thanks for tuning in. #redcon1 #silky #silkytuba #silkyscience #higheststateofreadiness #aaronsingerman

We have a Junior Tuba in the making

Slowly but surely he’s getting better at driving, let him drive the Cummins tonight, did pretty decent for a big lifted truck. Not sure about the Buddy Holly glasses though

Happy Fathers Day to my pops, the OG Silky Steve. You don’t realize until you have kids of your own the importance your dad plays in your life and instilling values and work ethic. There’s those moments that at the time you feel your dad is just up your ass or harassing you over pointless stuff. But in reality he was teaching you valuable life lessons that will always stay with you. Hell, even Darth Vader was a good dad at some point, teaching Luke to use the force. To my dad and all the great dads I know, happy Father’s Day.

Well kids, another episode of #silkyscience is up for your listening pleasure at iTunes. It’s always fun doing these episodes with @aaronsingerman each one is a trip down memory lane. We don’t get overly scientific to not lose people’s interest but we give some info we feel everyone can apply to using and buying supplements. Give us your feedback and questions at the email listed in my bio #redcon1

Either @mostinterestingbabyintheworld misheard his teacher or he’s trolling her but I think he may be on to something. All the things you could give two shits about, put it on the #suckitlist

Not sure who really wants to listen to my voice, but we’ve got another episode of Silky Science up for you to listen to. Don’t worry, my face is made for radio so luckily you don’t have to watch it . Click the link in my bio to listen to this week’s episode as we dive into one of the most studied ingredients of all time - creatine. A simple ingredient but widely misunderstood by the general public, creatine is one of the safest and most effect supplements money can buy.

How you react when you find out the TOTAL WAR flavor winner is being announced today on the @redcon1 Readiness Report.

We’ve had a lot of accomplishments at @redcon1 in a short period of time but this one I’m most proud of. For me, @vitaminshoppe is the gold standard for retail stores in our business. It also kind of led to my start in the supplement business. Before I worked for @bsnsupplements I would stalk Vitamin Shoppe to get N.O.-XPLODE when it first came out. It led me to work there eventually. I used to love being able to walk into any Vitamin Shoppe and see the brand I worked for. Now I get to walk in and see a brand I helped create on the shelves, pretty cool moment. We did it again @aaronsingerman , another milestone in the books and the beginning of something big

Well played @charmin well played

We’re officially in trouble now! @envymotoring has him wanting a pocket rocket now. Exact words were “motorcycles are cool because they go super fast”.

Today was a big day for our littlest dude @mostinterestingbabyintheworld , he graduated from Pre-K. Can’t believe this kid is headed into kindergarten. Next thing you know @iglesserin and I will be taking him to college.

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