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Eric Hart  VP of REDCON1 / Dragon Nutra Co-Owner


Hey I know this little guy, it’s my Jackson modeling for www.bugandbeans.com kids clothing

When you're away for work and grandma & grandpa laws are in effect. Drunk on whip cream again @mostinterestingbabyintheworld

Someone has officially gone stir crazy preparing for Hurricane Irma. @iglesserin @trentdoworkk @mostinterestingbabyintheworld

This is how I will forever remember @dallasmccarver . Not for the great bodybuilder he was, but for the amazing person he was. I woke up to a random text from him one morning of this picture and that was it, no message, no nothing, just that pic. And that's the effect he had on me. I could be in a shit mood and he could come into my office and have me in tears laughing by the time he left. Hell, he could laugh himself out of a bad mood. I've travelled with him a lot and I could never wait to see him the next day or to have breakfast with him because he would always have a crazy story to tell. I would always tell him, when I come back to this world one day, I want to be Dallas McCarver. He lived life to the fullest, didn't over think things, did what made him happy at the time and never sweated the small stuff in life. I always admired him for that, he never got hung up on insignificant things like I can tend to do. I'm sure he went to bed every night with no regrets and was truly a happy soul. Today we physically say goodbye to you, one of three tragic loses I've experienced in my life but I take refuge in the fact I feel like you will always be with us. I miss you like crazy, we all miss you like hell. Save me a seat when it's time to meet again, I'm sure you're gonna have a lot of new crazy stories to tell me.

I am making this post with a very very very heavy and broken heart, our good friend and little brother @dallasmccarver has passed away today at 1:03am. To Jackson and Adiena he was Uncle Dallas and that's the way I will always remember him, tea parties and lots of laughs. I still can't wrap my head around the police officer telling me he was no longer with us. It seems to be that the world is hung up on how he died, this is fucking ridiculous. No matter how he passed it was way too soon and one of the good ones that makes the world a better place is gone. The internet is full of rumors, speculations and a bunch of Fucking mental midgets waiting to crucify him for whatever to make their miserable lives seem better. Before the Internet warriors decide to come out and play, remember, Dallas was someone's son, someone's brother, someone's friend. Put all the bullshit aside for once and remember Dallas for the fun loving, big hearted, kind and gentle giant that he was. R.I.P. brother, we can't see you again soon enough.

Gotta love my friends @rudemuscle

Just because he's 4 doesn't mean he can't help out. Going to teach him young how to do things on his own. Maybe next year we'll start on driving.

Holy #tbt batman! Four years ago today, doesn't seem like that long ago. Forgot that @mostinterestingbabyintheworld was so small. Interesting perspective to look back. I'm sure while I was sleeping there I was thinking about all of the uncertainties of life, wanting to make sure I'd be a good dad, was I going to be able to manage my career and being a parent, etc. Things you always still think about but they are in the background, not the forefront of your thinking. The smile on their face never changes though, they know you're there to love and protect them and really that's all that matters. But in 4 years I've aged 10, WTF?!

Now I know where my belt goes to when I'm not around. First I lose closet space, then garage space, now my belt. @iglesserin @cardilloweightbelts 😂😂😂

He looks to be in protest of something, but hard to take him serious while he's eating a popsicle

Man I can't wait to get it back and drive this beast. #Repost @speedincusa (@get_repost)
@silkytuba's Hellcat Charger making 763RWHP/679RWTQ. Oh we lowered it too! 😎
#SpeedInc #SpeedIncUSA

Little clip of the kitty cat on the dyno. Thank you @speedincusa for building another badass ride for me

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