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Siley Moon πŸŒ™  shining star β˜† german youtube: siley moon ☁️ mail: 🌸

*spends night watching kid's movies bc I'm too tired to watch anything that requires me to think*

hope everyone is having a great Sunday ❀️

how you may have noticed by now spelling isn't exactly my strong point hahah you should see me without autocorrect
I wonder how people on discord can even understand me man
(this is an old outfit btw, I'll post some more probably)

pinch the cheek??πŸ’•

old outfit ( Β΄ β–½ ` )οΎ‰ soon I'll be taking / posting daily outfit pics!!

my legs look cute here I think (I usually hate them so it's rare to think this way for me lmaoo)

@nasa pls hire me

I call this magic trick "one hour in the bathroom" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

so today I dyed my hair and it's super ugly and I've never been happier about my 20+ wig collection (I'll show you my hair tomorrow or the day after ;; I need some time to get over how much I hate it)

not the biggest fan of this look :< i think I'll change

I lost a little bit of weight in the beginning of the month and now I gained it all back and feel insanely bad about myself πŸ˜– dammit

I think I'll try to get into drawings animatics, I love watching them!! the problem is that my art is shitty so I'll probably get hella frustrated ripp

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