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Siley Moon πŸŒ™  shining star β˜† german youtube: siley moon ☁️ business mail: sileymoon@outlook.de ❄️

I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear this stuff outside again... Fuck winter lol
The only thing I'm looking forward to this month is New Years lol
What do you think of this outfit? <3

it finally snowed here yesterday! I hope it'll snow on Christmas too xx
also I took some outfit pics today, do you like it?

no makeup πŸ™ˆ but look at my new wig!! I love it! what do you think?

I'm bored, so comment if you want me to check out your acc and like some pics πŸ’•
depending on how many comment I can't promise I'll do it for everyone tho

am I the only one who's always sleepy in winter? 😴 it doesn't matter how much sleep I get, I'm constantly ready for a nap bc it's always dark outside oof
also winter is the worst season to take pics, I can't wait for spring!

I wish I'd be taller :(( I just want pretty long legs

There's a thing that has been bothering me for a while, so I'll rant a bit~
I hate it when people think that people on Instagram owe them shit.
I, and many other girls, decide to share our pictures online. Whether it's to inspire others, bc we wanna show off our fashion or makeup skills or bc we just wanna "document" our looks, doesn't really matter.
And for some kind of unknown reason, people start thinking we owe them shit if they follow us.
"You don't reply to messages enough", "You don't reply to comments", "Why aren't you giving me X type of personal information?", "You don't post enough"
People got mad at me when I didn't want to tell them my real name! Can you believe that?! It's not my obligation to give you private details or chat with you, just because you decided to follow me?!
I'm just here to share my pictures. I don't have to do anything. It's not like following me costs you money or anything, so I don't owe you stuff.
This probably sounded way harsher than I meant it to, but it's annoying. And one of the reasons I quit using Saharah. People are just so damn rude when they're anonymous. I don't wanna share my real name, mental health issues or relationship details with the public, and you all have to accept that.

I had the fucking weirdest dream tonight what the heck ?? I couldn't explain it even if I wanted to but it was /wild/

heck I'm so tired y'all have no idea ooof
wig: aliexpress
sweater: @newyorkeronline
shoes: @kyumeshop

how do y'all feel about cat girls?

Maybe I'll take some pics today, not sure yet tho ^^
I only slept 5h tonight (actually a lot for my standard lately, I've been only getting 3-4h lately) so I might have to nap, and it's already dark at 4pm here, so taking pics has gotten a bit difficult.

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages yesterday / today.
I wasn't feeling good so they really cheered me up!
I told you before that answering messages is really hard for me, bc for some unknown reason it gives me a lot of anxiety, so I didn't answer a lot. However I promise that I read ALL of them and I really appreciate them. Thank you!

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