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Siki Daha  📍ASIA 🎙 Independent Artist 🙋🏾‍♂️ Boss @dream30agency Follow me on Spotify below👇🏾

So this week my new single is finally dropping so here is a very quick rewind on some of my awesome videos I’ve been so lucky to create, direct and collab on! 😍 Let the new chapter begin... p.s. check out a snippet of the new track right at the end of the video 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

This song is titled “Certain Someone” one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written and my last release before I decided to take a break! I dragged my friends to be in the video with me and made a road trip out of it down towards #jumprock 😌 TWO MORE WEEKS till I finally bring out new music 💃🏽 grateful I’ve done so many awesome songs and videos thus far! Bring on the next chapter 😉 #sydneymusic #melbournemusic #brisbanemusic #independentartist #love

Alright guys my single from my first #ep in a very very long time is nearly upon us!!Its titled “My Heart Is A Mess”and has all sorts of an #electro #pop vibe! Cannot wait to share this with you 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Is It just me or has anybody else been in a confusing situation where you really like someone but turns out they a mess so you got to work out whether to STAY OR GO? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Having had my own company @dream30agency for almost a year now it has honestly been such a crazy experience! I’ve learnt so much, met so many interesting artists/clients and really found a new meaning in the word #hustle 👨🏾‍💻LOL This photo was taken at our third event as a company! A classy lounging hour style original music night where #artists get to preview new materiel to their followers and new crowds! It’s such an honour and privilege being in my position and one I don’t take lightly! I have so much more that I want to do and conquer with my adventures as a director, digital guru etc.. and now again after a long hiatus as an #independentartist NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER LET DREAMS FADE AWAY! Along your path every hurdle is a lesson giving you strength and wisdom to conquer something much greater that lyes ahead☺️

So this song was a passion project where I got to direct, create and co-write! I wrote this song cause everything in #sydney was pissing me off! LOL the lock out laws being the main thing which messed up so much for the #livemusic in this city so I wrote a song about it and got all the beautiful people I know to be in the video 😉! #tbt to my awesome dreads to!! Massive credit to the wonderful @gzeepix for doing this with me and for being such an amazing support and friend since we met (Full vid link in bio) 😊 FYI my new song drops this month... watch this space 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🎙

The only time I ever drive or have needed a license was at the #arcade 🤪🤷🏾‍♂️ still to this day I’m a professional passenger in reality! Does anyone still go to the arcade and behave like a teen too? Be honessssst! Don’t leave me hanging by myself! 😌💃🏽

Writing this one was awesome! It was taken off my second #album and was written bout a boy who was a friend that I secretly had these feelings for 😩 months after this was released I realised what a bloody mess he was so I was just grateful I got a good song out of the situation! It’s titled “Never Did I” and was filmed by the beautiful @emerson.pauline in wonderful #sydney 😍 it’s so exciting looking back at some of the work I’ve done and gearing up for my new single coming in #november click the link in bio to check out the full video! #flashbackfriday #flashback #singer #singersongwriter #singers

There are some venues in #sydney that you know when you get a chance to sing there your heading in the right direction! @lazybonesloungemarrickville for me was one of them! I’ve always loved that place and it’s known for its #livemusic so I was so grateful to be asked to come chill with mike on the piano! Any chance I get to throw some #sade in a live set I’m over the moon! No Ordinary Love is one of my all time favourite songs of hers 😍 what’s yours? #smoothoperator #yourloveisking #sweetesttaboo sooo many to choose from!

Since #arethafranklin passed away I’ve been revisiting all my musical inspirations and teachers who have really made a difference to me and my education in music and my understanding on what it means to be an #artist one of those inspirations is the legendary #dionnewarwick I remember hearing her greatest hits in 2006 when I first moved to #melbourne from #perth and was completely obsessed with this woman who could belt with power but be so sweet at the same time with her vocals and sound. It was classic soul/pop with timeless #bacharach sounds! Discovering her music and career was def a pivotal moment in my artistic education! I just hope we celebrate her more whilst she is still with us and still has so much wisdom to share! @dionnewarwickfanclub @therealdionnew @official_dionne_warwick #singer

Who doesn’t love screaming to Celine Dion? Incase you might have missed me belting out some #celinedion yesterday whilst back in #sydney🇦🇺 here is a tiny snippet from the studio!🎤#singer #celine #celinedionlive2018 #celinedionvegas #celinedionfans #celinedionlive

#happybirthday to #michaeljackson the one and only!!!! You are the ultimate #supreme performer! I remember singing #ben when I was 13 years old and finally finding a male singer where I didn’t need to change keys or make adjustments cause his voice was high like meeee! Was so awesome! I remember studying his songs, videos and performances! As I got older I realised his true genius and magic was dumbed down by the thick minds of what society wanted him to be and tried to make him be which in the end took its toll! He was not one of this world but made such a huge impact on it and will truly forever neverrrrr everrrr Be forgotten for generations to come, you were the original icon and will remain my personal singing teacher like #whitneyhouston & #mariahcarey were! THANK YOU ALWAYS . #mj #michaeljackson #janetjackson #thejacksons

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