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Silje Rosøy Hansen  21, Norway 🇳🇴 🏋️‍♀️ @icaniwill - use code "SiljeH15"📩 Øystein Ree💍💏 📽YouTube:

I can smell summer!! And that means, sweating in my favorite shorts from @icaniwill 😻

As you may know, mondays are my favorite day in the week!! Especially when it is sunny outside, like today 🌞 AND I can use my new clothes from @icaniwill 😻 Use my code (SiljeH15) to get 15% of your purchase❤️

BACK at it 🙉

I can finally do 5 pullups again😸 Will make it a priority to be able to do 10... Maybe 😅

Mostly because I'm getting married, and want long curls that day.. Maybe I'll cut it after the summer🙊
Getting darker hair is enough change for one day😺

Abs ❇️
The first exersice is so hard, I can barely do 12 controlled reps🥺
Try them out🥵

Ready to kill a new week, are you? 😺
Our wedding is i 13 weeks, and it's time to start clean up my diet.. No more cookies and belgian waffles😔 But, hopefully some abs🤭

My butt will be so sore tomorrow😅
I also did regular hip-thrust to finish of the workout🍑

Hammis, buttis & leggis 🍑
Swipe Swipe 👉🏼
@icaniwill #icaniwill

#tb Bali🌞2018

I was so sick when I took this picture😂 Probably the sushi we ate 🐠🐟
Would go back any day!

All green today👽
Did a quick leg-workout today.
The rest of the day will be all about eating delicious food🍔🎂
Outfit: @icaniwill

So exited to be a part of the @icaniwill team👊🏼
Their clothes is so comfy and pretty😻
Use my code "SILJEH15" for 15% of your order

In 100 days I will be a married woman🥰soo excited!!
Will try to post some more food and recipes, so that we can get our summer-gainz together😻

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