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Finally a thing I wanted thank you @xbox for getting this idea out

When I was lil I was told there was no monster but now I know that I was that one monster

Merry Christmas guys hope you all are having a great and a chilling day ________________________________________ partner ____________________________ @master_okami _________________________________________

Flag battle!! come at me bro!!!!! __________________________ ___________________________________ partner __________ ________________________________ @master_okami _____ _____________

Well looks like one of the squad is gonna get angry and some TVs gonna break____________ __________________________ ___________ partner _________ ____________________________________________________ @master_okami

If they won’t stand the ground we won’t either till this time we keep our guns on sight and bionets fixed for is it needs to kill ____________________________ partner ___________________ ______________________. @master_okami _______________

They push, we push, once in a while we push hard enough that the light breaks from the cloud to inward the war beyond the glimmers, just out of reach.the world is the war and the war is the world, behind every gunsights is a human being, We are those people we are the jaded we are the naive,we are the criminal , we are the honour , we are the bound for legend in the lost history , we are the knights in the sky and the ghosts in the desert __________________________ in the honour of all the soldiers that died in war serving there county____________________________________________ partner __________________________________ @master_okami

I’m ready how bout u!!!! (Here we die but our tales will be told to the ones who never failed and maybe our story will be told to everyone and our status will be build not in this universe and not with any material but in hearts of the people with people’s respect and love) ______________________________partner_______________________________ @master_okami

Well it looks like u are screwed 🙈😆😜 (model:- @_souljaboy___ , thanks for giving me a chance to make ur spartan look like this) if anyone else want there pics to be edited Dm me ___________________________________________partner __________________________________________\ @master_okami

Swipe👉 well this is my best edit i can think till now. Tag is u guys liked it Partner. @master_okami

INFECTION!!!! One of my pic not that great but still Partner @master_okami

Haha tag that topper guy in your group

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