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  conceptual cringe cleanse

celery cigarettes: beneficial for weight loss, boosts digestion, reduces bloating

future definer of fashion

the future of gmo

the 2 in 1 transcendent USB for the busy CEO!
even a CEO needs to stay plugged
and it is a great way to stay in touch with your true self with some casual transcendence until your next ayahuasca cleanse.
tag a CEO who needs this!

depressionista’s lingerie of choice. she knows how to make a fashion statement whilst mentally and psychically sedating herself.

allergies? for spring? groundbreaking

chic period

my aesthetics summed up: pierced egg white

anti-social yet craving constant caressing

this is not a phase mom i'm an eggmo

happy online mommie's day from me and my son!!!

we've got the blues and we came to the club to judge you

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