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Louise Wallgren

The light shines brighter in the dark.


There'll be the time of summer hats once again. Soon soon.

Winter shorkie. #winter #shorkie #snow

Sunday walk in the snow..

Snow again today, makes me long even more for the blue skies and long summer days..

I had a conversation with my daughter the other day. She learned that I've had a few tuff years through my life we're happiness didn't exist for me. She thought for a few seconds and replied "And then you got me? Right mommy? Then I came and gave you happiness!" I don't think she know how right she was. She was talking about how she loved to be funny. But it goes so much deeper than that. So sometimes when life is tuff nowadays One need to remember the years with no smiles. She is the reason I'm even alive. Thank God that I got her!

Hello spring, you've been missed! #shorkie

Teckna är verkligen en färskvara. Hade inte tecknat på över ett halvår när jag och @signedbetsy satte oss för att träna på kolen, sjukt mycket svårare än när man gick kursen förra året. Måste ta mig mer tid! Prioritering!

#ballet so beautiful I wanna cry 💕

Our little new friend.. #shorkie

Dance and ballet never really was my thing. I'm more of a sitting-down-with-a-pen-kind -of-girl. But when I watch my beautiful daughter trying her best to evolve at the dance floor. Well ladies and gentleman that's what I call art! She amazes me!

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