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The moment your daughter calls you screaming from her California Camp trip that she ran into @jakemiller!!!

To my best friend @lorikonsker - Happy Birthday! I love you so much! The wonderful @oprah said it best when she said...that you must hang out with people who have great energy & support who you want to be in this world. One can't move forward in their life if one surrounds themselves with toxic energy that sucks them down, which is why I am so beyond grateful that you are my BFF. You inspire me & everyone you touch to be a better person. The world is a better place because of YOU! Happy Birthday Lori Konsker! Love You!♥️💋🎂💃🏻#birthdaygirl #bff❤️

Good times @thecapitalgrille with my favorite person @michael_camp & his best friend Mike Villani - just love to be in good company and I have to thank @georgemiguelc & @lewis_DeCicco @hod_salon for their incredible talent today. I appreciate your work & thank you for your time and especially your talent ♥#love #thankyou #idonttakeanythingforgranted

So true. Love this quote @2pac. I have been around so many disingenuous people in my lifetime & when I call them out & if you know me, then you know I do with guns blazing & they end up running! Jealous people can't handle real people. They are threatened because you will expose them. You can't call the realest of real fake or phony because then YOU look like a fool. People in my life know if I LOVE them or if I don't want anything to do with them. It's that simple. My life. My rules. My happiness comes 1st. Actions Speak Louder than Words! Miss you @2pac & still listen to your song "CHANGES" all the time! One of the greatest songs ever! #truth #goldaishere #love #standforsomething #dontfallforanything

You have enemies? GOOD! That means that you stood up for something in your life. You can't please them all. My mom taught me at a young age that not everyone is going to "like you" or "get you" so keep moving forward and never compromise your values!#knowyourworth & the right people who share the same core values as you will stand right by your side! That's all you need! Don't downgrade yourself to fit it. Stand out. Stand tall & Stand proud!!!! #truth #authentic #realasrealgets #standstrong #loveconquersall ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Just when you are dreaming of that @innout burger and your baby girl @sophieflicker sends you a pic of herself in Cali chowing down on that exact burger!!!! #bestburgers #lovemygirl #californiadreamin

Wow! My 1st born @joshflicker is on his way to work to hopefully sell some cars! There are no shortcuts in life to any place worth going & especially when it comes to success! #jeepwrangler #jeep #baysidequeens #L♥️VE #lookingood #proudmommy #overbearingmother

Sometimes I look at my kids in awe. Can't believe they are mine. Being a mother is the best job in the world & @sophieflicker & @joshflicker - thank you for make it such a pleasure & honor to be your mom. My kids think I'm too much and they are absolutely right. #drillsargeant #discipline #oldschool #wellmannered - NO ENTITLEMENT ISSUES HERE! #love

The day is finally here!!!! Visiting Day 2017!!! @sophieflicker - reunited & it feels so good. Infatuated with my kids and I don't care what anyone thinks. I just want them to stop growing. California - here she comes! #mylife❤ #myminime❤️ #myeverything❤

Couples night out with my favs @tomgioielli @frank_alfano and my amazing hubby @michael_camp at #trattoriacarpaccio #italianfood

My father, Dr. Mordecai Paldiel spent 27 years @yadvashem
honoring the Righteous Gentiles (non Jews) who risked their lives to save another - He is now written his 9th book highlighting the forgotten Jewish Heros. Tammy Mark wrote a great article in The Jewish Home Magazine appearing on Long Island in the "Five Towns" - We must never forget & always remember & honor Acts of human Kindness! #prouddaughter #neverforget #yadvashem #holocaust #actsofkindness

Proud to see my Dr. Mordecai Paldiel included in this film! #neverforget #holocaust #actsofkindness

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