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Sierra Keylin β€’ Silversmith  One of a kind jewelry talismans built by hand in the high desert of Southern California.

Super extra long and sexy Nomad earrings with Prehnite headed to @roseark this week! These babes are just over 5" long, and are inspiring all kinds of big ass earring creations. I love to think about who the lady is that will end up with these, what she'll wear them with, and where she'll go with them on. #sierrakeylinjewelry

When life is sad, crazy, frustrating, annoying, dark, heavy, or any combination of these emotions, this lady always makes me feel loved and supported and like anything is possible. We're celebrating 9 years together next week!!! This is one of the the faces she makes when she's trying to bust me out of a funky mood and make me laugh...It always works.

All my favorite colors, and none of them fit me...Sometimes I specifically make rings in sizes that don't fit me so I'm not tempted to keep them. I know my fellow silversmiths feel me on this one...the struggle is real to keep that inventory for sale rather than in my jewelry box! #sierrakeylinjewelry

πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ‘ Eye pendants that need homes! These are all about an inch across, and on 18" sterling chains finished with handmade clasps. DM me here or email me at sierrakeylin(at)gmail(dot)com for pricing and details. If you ever want to work with me to create a custom eye piece I have lots of other stone options to choose from, including a couple more of these tiny turquoise stones, Ocean Jasper, Chrysoprase, Lapis, Lace Agate, and more! #sierrakeylinjewelry

Necklaces for sale! Life is crazy right now and I have zero time to do a shop update...if you see anything here that is calling to you, send me a DM for pricing and size details, I'm happy to answer questions! Happy Tuesday friends! #sierrakeylinjewelry

That blue is my favorite shade of "desert sky"

Greetings from the Joshua Tree craft market! Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood. πŸ’™πŸŒ΅β˜€οΈ #sierrakeylinjewelry

These necklaces are built from some of my favorite things, favorite colors, vintage silver trinkets, old carved shell birds, old ceramic scarab bead, vintage African and Indonesian glass beads, faceted vibrant blue turquoise beads from New Mexico, super old antique coral branch beads from my friends grandmother, and last but not least some dainty little Sterling silver dangle beads I found in an antique store in Jerusalem in 2007. These pieces really, truly hold the stories of many places and many eras, and when you put them on you're adding to their history, blending your adventures with all the places they've been. These are all available, I just don't have the time to put them online this week. If you're interested in more details shoot me a DM, or email me at sierrakeylin(at)gmail(dot)com #sierrakeylinjewelry

More of these badass earring babes on the way! They still need a name, and I'm eagerly awaiting a supply order so I can dive into making a few pairs of them for the shop. Happy Thursday! πŸ’š #sierrakeylinjewelry

Little drops of light aka Prehnite, on the bench today. #sierrakeylinjewelry

Serenity now. Also, hammocks are one of the best gifts you could ever receive. Thanks @porterpotpie

5 hours and pieces ready to be put together, bezels still need to be made for a few of these pairs, one major file gouged finger, one finger sliced on the edge of a sharp piece of silver, silver dust all over my hands, and loving every minute of it. #sierrakeylinjewelry

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