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Sierra Colt  Bright Ornate Color Tattoos. Please send me your ideas! I'm looking forward to hearing your concepts and starting new exciting projects. Click below 👇

In honor of those who made it possible for us to live here. Thank you @visualgruntmedia for the great picture for today and your service. #redwhitandblue#proudcolors#memorialday

I'm so I came up on this amazing Japanese scroll of artwork, known as 'He-gassen' (or 'fart battle') This is over 200 year old art recreated in sumi ink. The scroll depicts a number of different scenes - all linked by the fact that at least one character is directing a debilitating blast of flatulence towards another character. I gave a quick narration of the fart war. I hope y'all appreciate it as much as we do. Thanks @gominekobooks for your rare and amazing finds. Also thank you @bonejeezy for transcribing the story that came with it. We are now illuminated in he-gassen #fartart#japanesefartart #hegassen

Today's work on the back leg of @ginandjuic3 This project is moving along nicely. Next time the snake markings and belly detail. #skullcrown #princessskull#queenskull

Yesterday I received this original diptych print from @gominekobooks This print is from the 1800s by Japanese artist Kyosai. This is one of the early examples of Japanese farting humor. I dig how it's old and weathered. We will definitely frame it and put it in the shop bathroom for proper viewing. #Kyosai#fartart#japaneseart

Check out our new resident artist @tylerctattoos here @bearcattattoogallery take a look at his work and give him a follow. He's an exceptional artist and already feels like family. Tyler specializes in dramatic black and grey work but sneaks in some color tattoos here and there. #tylerciarlanti#tylerctattoos#bearcattattoogallery

I just received a sweet little package from Japan. My friend Crystal @gominekobooks found a couple items that I've been looking for. This one is a hand carved wood Hannya mask. It's pretty old. Been through some battle. I love the cracked horn and overall age of it. #hannyamask#nohmask#japanesemask

Today's progress! We still have the details to go. Eyes, teeth, and hair strands etc. but so far it is a really fun piece. #hannyatattoo#goldenhannya#goldhannyamask

I go some healed video of our jade fu dog tattoo project. We will now take it down to the wrist with falling cherry blossoms and a Japanese Phoenix flying up foodogtattoo#fudogtattoo#cherryblossomtattoo#fudogstatue @Redpanda_amor

Today's progress on @deathcrushed We're chippin away bit by bit. Next session we will add the lower portion and make the outline complete. #wiptattoo#phoenixtattoo#workinprogresstattoo

Finished up the lower portion of the @hardyhoustonsr sleeve with a coyote skull. I love how the piece took shape and flow up the arm as we went along. A little bit of work left on the elbow area and we're done with this arm. Then on to the other!#coyoteskull#redskull#coyoteskulltattoo

A little daffodil 🌼 rework from yesterday. I think it turned out really bright and dynamic. Sometimes fixing up work on clients is necessary to help give consistency to all their work. You can see the other old one in the background. Michele has a solid body plan for her tattoos. I'm stoked to help her with these so we can continue on her leg sleeve. #daffodils #dafadiltattoo#yellow flower.

Shot of us adding the finishing touches to the @nickel_plated_chef donedizzle#greendemon #finaltouches

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