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Siera Capesius  Owner @modevofitness •Nutrition Degree •NASM Trainer •Meal Plans •iSatori Athlete-Siera15, 15% off Top Denver Trainer Email 💌 @sierafit for info

Sunday Funday at the gym 💪 @alexcarneiro_
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Great photo shoot with @tomvaldezphotography today at Red Rocks! This photo shoot I prepped for a week. When I say “prepped” I added more cardio, lowered my sodium and didn’t have wine the night before (I love wine haha). It’s nice having balance for fitness photo shoots now. Time to take off these fake eye lashes though because they bug the hell out of my eyes 😑 Happy Sunday!

I keep seeing people with stability balls on their porches so time to put them to use!💥

1. Plank leg lifts
2. Plank Tucks
3. Single straight leg lunge
4. Sit ups
Perform each 4 times for 30-40 seconds •
The hardest part of these workouts are getting mounted on the ball correctly. And engaging the core for posture and stability.

Tips for building glutes🍑

1. Variations:
Doing the fundamentals of heavy squats, deadlifts and hip thrusters definitely are key. But also make sure you switch up leg days with low weight high reps and high weight low reps. I also like to throw in some jumping leg exercises as well.
2. Muscle activation & flexibility:
During leg exercises it is important to do the full motion and also squeeze. If you do not get the proper range of motion you are not going to work the muscle fibers to the full potential. This is also due to not being flexible. Having super tight hamstrings and hip flexors will limit the range of motion for an exercise.
3. Avoid squat challenges:
This seems kinda silly but you would not believe how many people think body weight squat challenges will make your booty grow. Remember weights are your friend for muscle growth💪

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So honored to be featured @definedmagazine Women Entrepreneur’s September edition! There were so many amazing women in this edition who are building businesses with passion. Big thanks to @tomvaldezphotography @future.consultants @katy_hamann for making this possible 💪

I made the mistake of ordering bands from China and ended up with 12 light crappy bands 😭🤣 but the good news is that these are great for arm exercises! •
👉 Bicep Curls 3 sets of 15 reps
👉 Standing Rows 4 sets of 12
👉Arnold’s 3 sets of 12 •
These are great to do at home for upper body! Give it a try

Should I do the Keto Diet if I want to lose weight? 🤔
New blog is up on my site 💪

Time for some margaritas 😜

Today’s @modevofitness 1 Year Anniversary Party Workout! Thank you to everybody who came by. You guys are the reason why we keep striving to help people reach their fitness goals!
#modt45 #modevofit #modevofitness

The One Year Anniversary Party for @modevofitness is this Saturday! 9am is the free outdoor class followed by goodies and raffles at 10am. Bring as many friends and family you want! •
It’s crazy how fast and yet slow one year can go by. Exactly one year ago I was scared shi*less and feared the ultimate worst from starting a business because I knew the “worst” that could happen. I haven’t told many this but I had to hire a therapist/life coach to help me mentally prepare for this because I knew my brain was going to try and scare me out of it. (it’s a survival mechanism but I don’t got time for that 😂) I am so grateful @alexcarneiro_ was always there to help calm me down and never made me feel alone. The best part of these videos & pics just show what can be done if you really want something and don’t let doubt get in the way. •
Fast forward a year and people are loving Modevo and MOD-T45! It’s such a great environment in there and it is exactly what I visioned. I can’t wait to see what happens this next year and how many more lives we can transform. See you guys all Saturday!!!

We are with each other morning, day and night yet we never get sick of each other 😍 I found my lobster

Work for it or have it handed to you? •
With anything in life, if you are going to succeed you have to put the work in for it (unless you are a trust fund baby I guess 🤣). I don’t care what field you are in, if you want something you are going to have to put in the hours, start from the ground up, and even though there maybe fear, there is a smart way to get to a goal and face it. •
With this mentality of life being “give me give me” will lead to a path of disappointment, depression, and endless excuses. Excuses got me like 🙄 because I don’t have time for them. Put in the work, ask for help and surround yourself by people who will help you reach your goals. Plus when you started from the bottom and rise to the top with struggle, you will most definitely appreciate every step of the way.

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