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Sohail Justin Akhavein  Yep, that smutty BuzzFeed unicorn mirror dude Secondary account to appease my mom: othersideofhail Inquiries: sjakhavein@gmail.com Twitter: sideofhail


“Today is your day to be sexy ❤️🍙🍙❤️Sohail”

“the queen 🍯 bee does not mate inside her hive. a few days after she emerges from her cell she will take flight on a warm sunny afternoon and fly to a location where male drones are waiting, where she mates with 10 to 15 mid air. shortly after, the drones realize their whole lives have lead up to this bang. then they die,” my dad said

i’m dressed in full support for the big game. speaking of the big game, why was cinderella terrible at football? because her coach was a pumpkin 👨🏽💋✌🏽🏈

✌🏽hey beautiful people, everything is fine. before i got a CAT scan i asked the med team why i have to wear a hospital gown & they said “just because,” & I said that’s totally cool because i’m FELINE fine🐱 ps. gay fate is me choosing those particular underwear that particular morning 🐆💋

🎉 sooooo this was literally just delivered to my place. i get my petty from my mama 🍰

boyfriend fit

💎 i’m 🔌 fully 🎆 aware 🚧 that 🍠 i’m 🛸 exhausting 💙

💜🐵 i was told to “not come over unless you’re wearing vikings purple,” so, i’m only wearing vikings purple 🏈💜
#minnesotavikings #skolvikings #purplerain

‪🌈 grey/gay gardens ✨‬

🍒👨🏽this is what happens when the group fitness instructor asks me to wear something “more simple” & “in line with other people in class”🐆💋

🦍my sister said she was going to wear black/grey/glitter so i’m going to wear black/grey/glitter🤖

🐵kimono he better do💋

‪🐵 he told me his belated holiday work party is business casual, so i’m business casualing✨

um. one of my mom's biggest fears is literally the "growing number of bystanders who know what my son's inner upper thigh looks like" 👨🏽🦄💋

how did mickey mouse save another qt boy mouse from drowning? 🐭mouse 2 mouse🐭 resuscitation💋

🐶 our girl watched THAT scene in cruel intentions w\o permission and now she’s a habitual frencher 👅

where does a cow hang his art? in a MOOOOOOOOOOOOOSEUM 🐄💋

👨🏽casual friyay✌🏽

my mom asked me to "remember to bring a formal outfit for holiday dinner" when i come home. ✔️

👽 what do gayliens like to spill? all of the gravi-tea 🌈

Super Mario Bros Super Star but hairier & equally as gay ⭐️🐵🌈

💋it's my birthday & i'll smut if I want to🎈

💋 happy friday the 13th 🔪

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