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Clayton W. Sears  Portola Raised Gearhead SLO, CA US AMA/USANKF I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Because: Roadkill ❤️BJB❤️

465lb/211kg deadlift, New PR, yay me! I was excited to try out my new belt (Velcro) from @roguefitness so I decided the best way was with heavy-ass deadlifts. Passed with flying colors, I'm stoked with this pull and I feel I could've gotten another 5-10kg if I could fit the weights on. #deadlift #obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #liftfightlive #nicpetersontokyo2020 #keephammering

Worked some heavy singles today on clean. First clip is 245lb/111kg, and the second is 255lb/115.5kg. Was able to get the first one up but I couldn't hold onto the second, gotta work on my core and quickness under the bar. Strength feeling good, and size starting to fill out more like I want it to. We'll get there.......eventually #obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #liftfightlive #supportrealfighters #usankf #nicpetersontokyo2020 #keephammering

325/147.5 lb/kg for 1 rep
This was my finisher on one of my more grueling days here. Front squat ➡️ hang snatch ➡️ full snatch ➡️ full clean ➡️ this. This is also my best ever beltless squat. Happy with this but always hungry.
#obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #liftfightlive #keephammering #NicPetersontokyo2020 #supportrealfighters

High bar squats last night to start the workout.
225/295/315 lbs, 102/134/143 kg
1 x 3 for each weight.
Squats definitely are not my best lift and I'm working to improving my core so I can get out of the hole with more pop. My goal is to squat 441/200 lb/kg by summer. Just gotta keep 🔨🔨🔨 #obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #tokyo2020 #supportrealfighters #noonecaresworkharder #camhanes #joerogan #conqueryourinnerbitch
Too many hashtags?

Terrible photo quality but still... Happy Valentine's Day to my other half @brittanyblackwood ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you so much baby and I can't wait to go on more adventures and see what the future has in store for you. I know you're going to do amazing things and I can't wait to find out what they are and discover more amazing times 💞

315 lb/143 kg 3x5 Working sets today on deadlifts after overhead squat. Decided to go sumo to get some good hamstring and glute work. Felt good, nice light work on a Sunday. Never compare someone's highlight reel to your behind the scenes. #obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #supportrealfighters #ponytailpower #keephammering #nicpetersontokyo2020

The lifts were feeling good this week, and last night was cherry on the top. 305 front squat PR, and a 325 back squat to end it. Getting stronger every week, feeling better every week. Lifting hasn't felt this good in awhile. Thanks to @crosscounter for filming and a HUUUUGE thank you to @brittanyblackwood for putting up with my shit, I love you ❤️ Next tourney is in Irvine, stay tuned.
#obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #usakarate #supportrealfighters #manbunpower

Was a great day on the mountain the other day. HUGE thanks to Dino and Lebron (JT @jtb21 and Abe) for letting me and Harley come ride with you on your turf. Trip to Portola was awesome and I apologize if I wasn't able to see you. These trips just get shorter and shorter. Time for 2018 and new adventures with good friends. #portola #squawvalley #barren #kumite

Was a good night of lifting, hit a double PR for deadlifting after doing some low bar squats and snatch pulls to get the hips, legs, and glutes fired up. First one is a 415, second is 435. Really to need work on my sumo form, that chest cave was gnarly. #obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #supportrealfighters #bruteforceoverform

Hit a new PR of 345 lbs for back squat today with @crosscounter, thanks to @jon_cobb12 for attempting to show me how to low bar. It's still hella sloppy though 😅 #obsessionisrequiredforgreatness #supportrealfighters #nicpetersontokyo2020

Today's the day that, 2 years ago @brittanyblackwood, you walked into my life and made me a better man. You have always been there for me and you have always pushed me to settle for nothing but the best and to always be the better person. You have shown me unconditional love and caring and I can't wait to continue to have you by my side. You are my moon and stars and I love you so much baby ❤️ Happy Anniversary 💞💞

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