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  🚨mb_halofan_343 still, just different name🚨 Making a comeback!


“Charlie Team to Mission Control, we have confirmed sightings of more alien purple fungus. Sending coordinates now.... Rick! Where’d you go??....... What the.. AHHH........”
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9,953 likes!! U guys and girls have brought so much inspiration and support and it made my 2017 to know that so many people like such a little thing out of a box from target or Walmart. U all put meaning into these megabloks/megaconstrux and it’s a great thing to witness and I’m glad u all have stuck around. 😊

Just a quick stop motion test

Took the picture but blanked everything to make my own copy, didn’t take of the water mark tho so @german.empire.ball_pb @halo4ever1996

Yeah yeah, I don’t have the greatest voice 😂 Save Me by Avenged Sevenfold, my all time favorite song!!!! #avengedsevenfold #avenged7fold #guitar #guitarplayer #guitarcover #metalhead #a7x #a7xfamily #avengedsevenfoldcover

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