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dong sicheng  哇. sicheng + doyoung / we stan winwin, we stan art

we love handmade things!

if you ever feel depressed then just watch some cute winwin shit and there you goo <3

how well does winwin sleep, knowing that all of nct would give their organs for him

still figuring out how to be the money sicheng kissed *searches for WikiHow article*

you can like to crush my heart

sm give us nct yearbook or you die ;'))

winwin's an underappeciated dancer ugh he's so fcking talented

compilation of sicheng eating fruit/vegetable ;')

the way mark calles him cute <3

which grade are you in? 🌝

he's the cutest shit ever thats way everyone's babying him <3

he's chinese hoes couldn't figure him out

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