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ti & jacq  ✰ ✰ ✰ ┆we are nerds ┆we are siblings ┆we ℙ⅂Åℽ games ┆twitch: sibsplaytv ┆fb & twitter: sibsplay ┆

#twitchcon 2017. 💜

Classic literature. Interested in hearing the sibs whip out more iconic fan fiction? Perhaps more like the infamous Harry Potter fan work “My Immortal”? They’ll be BACK tomorrow at 5pm PST!

*HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE!* It's almost time for the next chapter of #bendyandtheinkmachine ... The sibs will be back TUESDAY at 5pm PST!

RIP, Hugh. A tribute with Akio made by our talented viewer Helgwapo_ on Twitch. ♥️🤘🏼

Where'd Jacq go??? Oh... Tomorrow's stream starts an hour early at 9am PST!

The only nine inches Ti approves of. And Jacq can't even get behind that. The sibs will be back on SUNDAY at 10am PST for a weekend coffee stream!

Someone's bitter. Sunday morning at 10am PST! It's more of the sibs!

Look what @swaggy_the_ram started. The sibs are gonna be back TONIGHT at 5pm PST! Prepare yourselves, folks.

Sometimes, we enslave our viewers into reading us bedtime stories. 👍🏼

When you've lost the ability to say "cupcake." Jacq and Ti will announce their next stream soon! Stay tuned!

They're baaaack... The sibs are gonna be right back on Twitch this Friday at 4:30pm PST! You don't wanna miss it.

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