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Sian Harries Day  Empowering humanity from the inside out... 💫TRAINEE WELLBEING COACH 🌍💁🏼& 🎨MAKEUP ARTIST 💋🎬(DM for FREE introductory coaching session)

If you have started the week as intended (whatever that maybe to you-healthy eating, exercise etc) then high five, bloody well done!

If you’re feeling shit this Monday evening because things haven’t gone to plan and part of you feels frustrated, then I want to high five you also!! The fact that you feel annoyed shows that you REALLY want this, but for some reason you are self sabotaging. . “I can’t be bothered, I’m too tired, it’s raining, I can’t do this, its too hard, I haven’t got time, I’m not good enough” are all the kinds of BS that I used to tell myself and they still pop up from time to time too (little f**kers!). .

Mastering your mindset doesn’t mean that these thoughts never enter your head ever again. In a bizarre way I’m personally glad they do show up, as this is when I continue to grow. We never want to stop growing and learning, right?

For anyone that is struggling, forget about forming habits, let’s think about forming RITUALS. Habits are unconscious things we do like putting on our underwear (if you wear underwear!) RITUALS are highly conscious actions that we form into a ROUTINE. More about this tomorrow...

If you can’t wait until tomorrow then how about starting whatever you had planned RIGHT NOW!! Even if it’s just a small thing. You’ll feel top banana if you do. If you don’t, then thats cool too. No judgement here.

PS before bed, I invite you to quickly write your intention for tomorrow, you’ll be surprised at what a difference this will make to your Tuesday.

You’ve got this, I believe in you… S x

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again…

Been ‘hanging about’ with @Acroalchemy this morning! 🦇 .

Its funny how part of us can have unrealistic expectations, around being able to do things perfectly first time. Our inner critics are the worst hey!

I'm not going to fib, part of me was frustrated that I couldn’t get this pose straight away. A much older version of me would of felt silly in front the group, she would of told herself she couldn’t do it, to give up. .

The power of our inner dialogue is unreal.
Many of us have been practicing negative self talk for years. It can take a little getting used to, but every time you hear that voice tell you, you can't do something, thank your ego for trying to keep you safe but reassure it that you 'CAN'!!

The now version of Sian knows that she doesn’t grow when things are easy, she grows when things are fookin hard!! .

The most challenging of all is our mindset, master that and you're laughing…third try in this pose and I’d got it. ✋🏻 .

If you're struggling with your mindset and want to master it, please feel free to get in touch 😊

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Super grateful to receive this testimonial from a coaching client today 😊🙏🏻

Also loving my minimalist logo too 🙌🏼. Sooo me!!

#helpingothers #becomingourbestversion #gratitude #personaldevelopment #coaching #logo #simplistic #style

Its a no makeup kinda day 😊 .

My intention is to make my life as simple as possible these days; it’s either a ‘HELL YES’ or a definite ‘NO’!

I use this simple philosophy when buying things or making super important decisions. Ultimately, I use my gut instinct, my intuition. However, just recently I have caught myself allowing 'maybe' into the equation, knowing that this doesn't serve me.

Life is too short and not a rehearsal peeps. Gosh it feels sooo good when I pack my life with hell yes or no's; it’s like drop kicking procrastination! .

Maybe' (to me personally) means NO! One of the basic human needs, is for certainty. It enables us to feel in control. ‘Maybe’ for me puts me a state of unease and also wastes energy. Moving forward propels us and prevents the possibility of a downward spiral of emotions occuring.

This has served me well in regards to my love life. No longer do I think ‘maybe I like this guy, maybe it could work, maybe our values match.’ By the same token, I no longer put up with a guys shit too! I’m like, hell yes, this is happening, or see you later I haven’t got time. This train is leaving…choo choo 🚂!!

Comment below if the maybes life is holding you back, or whether you too have this same philosophy. What challenges or positive impact has it had?!

Sending you lots of love on this sunny Tuesday x

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Gosh time does fly, can't believe we are Tuesday evening already! .

Last few days have been friggin awesome and I'm defo feeling it today after Kick Fit & AcroYoga! .

Had an awesome training session Sunday 🥊with Leonie & David Mackman (European Kick Boxing Champion) @dmptpeterborough. Absolutely LOVED this, especially the kicks! .

I was super sweaty after (like I'd stepped out of the 🚿), and pumped for the day and coming week🙏🏻. Thank you both so, so much. .

Cant start my Monday now without AcroYoga with @Acroalchemy 🤸🏼‍♀️Kath & Simon, my lovely friends and AcroYoga teachers snapped 📸 me enjoying the Yin side (therapeutic) of AcroYoga! .

Im in a passive back bend (as flyer) that helps to open the heart (chest) and stretch and lengthen my spine with the help of the base. Felt sooo good 😊 .

Watch this space...I will soon be trying out loads of new fun stuff to share with you...things that will push me out of my comfort zone 😬👍🏼.

Lots of love x

#kickfit #kickboxing #acroyoga #personalgrowth #strength #fitness #fun #wellbeing #comfortzones #innerchild #happiness

Happy Tuesday you beautiful lot. How wonderful has the weather been! .

As much as I LOVE the ☀️it's nice to have a cool-down and fingers 🤞🏼we will get some rain ☔️ too, my garden 🌷looks pretty sorry for itself, I bet yours does too!

I've been a busy bee 🐝 excitedly working on my WEBSITE 🙌🏼 hence fewer stories & posts of late, can't wait to share this with you! Photoshoot booked for end of the month.

I like to spark as much joy as I can into my life these days. Some times it can be as simple as cutting some flowers from the garden and placing in a pretty vase...other times purchasing things like my new @ctilburymakeup lipstick 💋 in Lost Cherry 🍒 and these gorgeous Bumblebee earrings from Lisa Angel (love this shop, can get in Topshop too btw). .

I'd love to know what simple things spark joy in your life? Do you treat yourself regularly, or like me previously, feel a tad bad for spending? Comment below 🙏🏻

Sending you lots of love & joy...✨

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I am ever more conscious of living as opposed to simply existing; life isn't a dress rehearsal so why do many of us treat it like it is?

Sometimes life throws us terrible challenges such as the loss of a loved one, illness, heartbreak, financial issues and so forth. Whilst we cannot control everything that presents itself, we can control our response. This doesn't mean we do not show emotion, for emotion is a message.

How many of you reading this, live for the weekends? This definitely used to be moi! The Sunday blues would also make an appearance, for Monday was fast approaching, which meant a week in a job that didn't fulfil me, but paid the bills and I should be grateful for that (which I was).

Sundays have become an extension of Saturday, whilst I love this concept and the freedom it gives, we may have lost a much needed day of rest. With the stresses of the 21st century, a day to relax and be mindful, connect with those we love and mentally prepare for the week ahead could actually bring a week of content. .

I invite you to take a moment to question if you are living or existing? Are you living the best possible life or are you unhappy? Even if you are living the best possible life, what changes could you make, so that life could be even more wonderful?

If the thought of Monday is ruining your today, lets take back control! Start by jotting down how you envisage your dream life to be. What really sparks joy and creates that excitement deep inside?? Ready...go!!

#sunday #sundayblues #ourbestlife #dayofrest #reflection #coaching #happiness #joy #dreamlife #livelife #lovelife

Loving my 5am wake ups, getting so much more done, giving me more time to have fun 🤸🏼‍♀️!! -
However...the free spirit in me does need a bit of structure, its all about balance hey! -
Lately, I have been burning the candle at both ends, whilst also consuming loads of unhealthy foods, I'm therefore very lethargic, tiny bit irritable, not as happy or motivated. -
Previously I would of ignored these signs but now ask myself...
1. Am I eating shit food & skipping meals?
2. Am I getting 6-8 hours sleep per night so that my body can repair?
3. Am I regularly exercising, which is not only great for my body but my mind too?
Epic fail on all of these currently 🙈! I say fail, but just more of a 'wake up' call ha!! -
1. Cut out refined sugar (I bloody love sugar!)
2. Bed by 10pm (week days!)
3. Get my arse back to Spin & Body Combat classes 🥊 & walk... -

I'll keep you posted on my progress! -
#listentoyourbody #coach #lifestyle #refinedsugarfree #earlytobed #sleep #healthybodyhealthymind #lifebalance

Hope you've all had a great Saturday?! Ive had an awesome day at the @leepycroft MY-Makeover event, Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Colchester. .

This is the 3rd event I have been fortunate enough to be part of this year (so far). I ❤️being able to contribute to things much bigger than myself, allowing me to get out of my own way, and focus my attention on others...

#makeupartist #mymakeover #helpforheroes #contribution #makingothersfeelgreat

It's only just after 9am & already someone has brought a huge smile to my face with a random act of kindness...spread the ❤️people, it's contagious!!

#kindness #gratitude #oldfriends #connection #emotionalwellbeing #happiness #laughter #lookingafteroneanother

As I have mentioned previously, 2 years ago was a huge turning point for me. I decided enough was enough, I was super frustrated about how I felt about myself/ life and made the best friggin decision to sort shit out by changing things. .

I started on the outside, hence this photoshoot with the amazing @estherwild, but the magic happened when I fully committed to working on the inside...

Here are just a few of the awesome things that have improved or changed for me as a result of taking action...
. ✨Massive shift in confidence & self belief! .
✨The start of the lifestyle & career I have always dreamed of.
. ✨TRUE inner happiness that isn't based on validation from others or material things (tho I like nice things too ha)
. ✨Realisation of my potential & purpose in life (helping others and making them feel amazing 😊)
. ✨I feel I am an improved partner, friend, sister, daughter, auntie now that I have a greater understanding of my emotional needs/behaviour & that of others 🙌🏼
. ✨I have created more fun & adventures, like traveling to Bali at the end of this year 🌏!
. ✨Self love - this is a biggie & key to so many things.
. ✨I ensure that the people I surround myself with hold the same values. . ✨Continue to meet loads of wonderful new like minded friends.
. ✨Have an even bigger vision (sky's the limit) and passion for life! .

#coaching #personalgrowth #selflove #personaldevelopment #takingaction #committed #happiness #friends #purpose #lifestyle

Who else LOVES observing their OWN behaviour & needs?!

My pity parties are short lived these days, as I get super curious as to WHY I feel the way I do and tackle it head on.

I've felt a bit out of sorts the last couple of days and so I challenged the negative voice inside my head (she too is called Sian!).

I'm so glad I had this chat with her, some of the stuff she came up with was utter BS, based on old belief patterns, but she did point out that I had been working too hard and my self love rituals had suffered as a result. Bingo! .

#selfcare #selflove #loveandconnection #basichumanneeds #oldbeliefpatterns
#innervoice #intuition #coaching

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