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Soutekai-Halasina beLe palya, a stir fry of Mangalore cucumber and jackfruit seeds, a regional dish that's difficult to find outside my hometown. The yellow and green striped cucumber called as Mangalore cucumbers look more like melons than long cucumbers you are familiar with and have white flesh and inedible seeds. The cucumber is cut into long slices and seeded before chopping them into thin slices. Sometimes these cucumbers can be little bitter, hence are soaked in salted water for an hour to remove the bitterness. The fresh jackfruit seeds and crushed with a pestle and mortar to remove their outer protective skin and also helps to cook them faster. To cook them, the coconut oil is heated in a pan, and tempered with mustard seeds, urad dal, dry red chillies, hing/asafoetida and generous sprigs of curry leaves. Once the mustard pops and sizzles, the peeled jackfruit seeds are added and stir fried them to coat them well with the tempering. Next some turmeric powder, jaggery and salt added before adding some water to cook them until they become soft. The sliced cucumber and some red chilli powder is mixed and cooked covered until the cucumber is cooked through and becomes soft. Once the seasoning is adjusted and the water is almost evaporated, some freshly grated coconut is added as a garnish and the palya is ready to be served with Matta rice and other side dishes! A simple food made with locally grown seasonal ingredients that can give serious competition to any gourmet dish! 📷: @SiaKrishna | Copyright of

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When it rains... Ridge gourd pakoda and Masala Chai time! (📷: @siakrishna Copyright of ) #monsoonspice #chaipakoda #mobilephotography #iphoneography

BeraTi or in simple words, jackfruit jam which will be used in making payasa. Finely chopped ripe jackfruit is cooked until it breaks down completely and then start to thicken into paste and changes colour to deep golden-copper colour. Sometimes a little jaggery is used if the jackfruit is not sweet enough. It takes hours of stirring and mountain high patience to make this. A couple of decades ago, before the days of drastic climate change, the jam was stored in a ceramic Pickle jars covered with muslin cloth and tied with tread in a cool and dark attic and it would stay fresh until the next jackfruit season. But now, we use the refrigerator and sometimes, a freezer to store it for up to a year!
Amma made some Payasam on the occasion of Rakhsha Bhandan, a celebration of love and friendship between siblings celebrated throughout India today. I can't wait to share the recipe of another traditional and regional dish which is slowly fading away in the background. Recipes like this truly deserve a spotlight and needs to be celebrated for their unique taste and flavour which can be found only at home lovingly cooked by the loved ones! (Sharing a pic of payasam in Instastories @siakrishna ) 📷: @siakrishna
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All the best food in the world are on one side and mom's cooking is entirely on the other side! There is no comparison! Period. For most part of the time, I miss my amma's food, and it's only when I actually get to eat it I realise how much I have been missing it! It's like ambrosia dripping with love and every morsel is a pure joy! Most of her food has no frill and are traditional, regional recipes which uses just a handful of ingredients. It's these simple food that are hard to master as there are not too many ingredients which can hide your mistakes! It takes care, patience and of course experience to take everyday food to another level. Like this very simple KaaTu Maavina HaNNina Gojju,a sweet curry of wild mangoes cooked in their own juice, green chilli and jaggery and tempered with mustard seeds, dry red chilli and curry leaves in coconut oil. This, as of now, was the best and most satisfying gojju I have ever tasted and went for third helping without blinking my eyes! I am going to prostrate for next couple of hours in the la la land! 😴 The recipe for the same is o blog archive - (temporary link in profile @siakrishna ) #monsoonspice #siasindiadiary #mobilephotography #eatinglocal #mangalorefood

Two overworking imaginative minds, creating giants, ogres, monsters, elves and fairies out of thin air! 😅 Listening to their tall tales and innocent remarks on the world around them and world within them is a privilege and pure joy! (📷: @siakrishna Copyright of #LDTales #childhood #siasindiadiary #iphoneography #cousins #athome #childhooddays #childhoodunplugged #childhoodmemories #makingmemories #kidsofinstagram #kidstagram #kids #innocence #happiness #joy #instapic #brotherandsister #instalike #instalove #instakids #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #picoftheday #photooftheday #lonelyplanetindia #instagood

Halasina haNNu koTTige/genasaLe is another monsoon favourite from my hometown. These sweet steamed rice parcels are made by spreading thin rice batter in circles or ovals on a banana leaf and then by spreading half the disc with sweet stuffing of finely chopped jackfruit, freshly grated coconut and jaggery. The banana leaf is then folded centre and folded again into make a long parcels and placed it in a steamer. The tower of parcels are then steam cooked for about 30-45 minutes until they are cooked through. They can be eaten on its own or served with a dollop of ghee and spicy coconut chutney. Soft and almost melt in mouth, every bite of these steamed rice cakes are absolute delight with the sweet aroma of jackfruit and earthy notes of banana leaves in which they are cooked. Find the recipe for the same (sans jackfruit) on blog archive. (Temporary recipe link in profile). #monsoonspice #southindianfood #mangaloreanfood #lonelyplanetindia #indianfood #indiancuisine #desi #food #desifood #desi_diaries #feedfeed #vegan #veganfood #veganrecipes #veganfoodshare #hautecuisines #regionalfood #homecooking #homecooked #siasindiadiary #instafood #instayum #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagood #indianfoodbloggers #foodtalkindia #foodies #foodporn

Posting a pic of what I had for breakfast after a short nap! Presenting a nap inducing, mouth watering, amazing SoLe Rotti or pickled or brined raw jackfruit flat bread from my hometown of South Canara. The best of seasonal fruits are either pickled or brined to be consumed year long and here, the raw jackfruit is brined in a simple salted water. To make a Rotti, it's ground to paste along with some geeen chilli, cumin and fresh grated coconut and then mixed with rice flour to make a dough. The large lemon sized dough is pinched and rolled into balls before patting it down to make thin discs on a banana leaves. It's then roasted in a griddle and served with coconut chutney or with a dollop of freshly churned butter. Simple, wholesome, earthy, vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious. The recipe is on blog archive - (temp link in profile) and more photos on instastory. #monsoonspice #siasindiadiary #homecooked #indianfood #indiancuisine #southindianfood #desi #fooo#foodporn #foodpics #foodstagram #homecooking #hautecuisines #lonelyplanetindia #lonelyplanetindia #picoftheday #photooftheday #feedfeed #desifood #desi_diaries #mobilephonephotography #iphonephotography #traditionalfood #thekitchn #mangalorediaries #mangaloreanfood #eatlocal

{NEW #RECIPE ALERT} Paneer Bhurji ~ (link in profile @siakrishna)

Paneer Bhurji is a very simple and easy to make spiced Indian cottage cheese scramble. Bhurji, literally translates to scramble and Paneer Bhurji is a vegetarian take on very popular Anda Bhurji or Indian scrambled eggs. As with anything Indian, the Indian styled Bhurji is anything but plain, mild, homogenised scrambled eggs you find around the world, but is riotous mix of colours, spice and flavours that's laden with butter and character. While the vegetables like onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander leaves add colours, an array of spices add character to the otherwise plain paneer. The vegetarian Bhurji made with Paneer is one of those dishes that is loved by people in every age group and has found its way to not only to breakfast with a piece of nicely toasted slices local bread smeared with butter, but also as a side dish for lunch and dinner with some fresh roti or chapatti and sometimes as an in-between snack.
I will be taking a month-long summer break with loved ones and will be back with more delicious recipes and stories in September. I will be active on my Instagram stories @siakrishna and will be sharing the photos (mostly food) and little stories there. So, if you want to know what I am up to, then that’s the best place to find me. Until then, wishing you all a wonderful summer filled with sunshine, love, joy and delicious food! Take care, my friends… #monsoonspice #indianfood #indiancuisine #indianfoodbloggers #foodtalkindia #desi #food #desifood #hautecuisines #homecooking #homecooked #lonelyplanetindia #feedfeed #thekitchn #recipeoftheday #spicyfood #foodporn #foodpics #foodie #foodstyling #foodphotography #instayum #instafood #instalike #vegetarian #desi_diaries #dslrofficial #foodblogger #india_gram

{NEW #RECIPE ALERT} Tandoori Gobi with homemade Tandoori Masala spice blend ~ (recipe link in profile @siakrishna )

As old fashioned as the tandoori cooking technique may look, the fact is that tandoori dishes deliver a deliciously smokey piece of meat or vegetable that is chargrilled to perfection and is tender and juicy. The end results are dishes packed with complex flavours you just can’t duplicate at home.
But it is still possible to create a smokey flavour by using a special blend of spice mix and cooking in an oven at maximum heat that your oven can and finally broiling or grilling it for couple of minutes to get that char-grilled aroma. Like how I made this Tandoori Gobi by baking a whole head of cauliflower marinated in homemade Tandoori Masala. This Tandoori Gobi is one of the simple and offhand cooking I have ever done and with little preparation of making your own fresh batch of fragrant, no preservative, homemade Tandoori Masala spice blend in advance, it just takes about 5 minutes of your active time to put everything together. Prepare the cauliflower, marinade it, let it rest in refrigerator and pop it in the oven to do its magic! That’s it! It is really, really that simple and the end result is beautifully spiced, whole head of roasted cauliflower that is crisp on the surface and moist and juicy within with smokey flavour and char-grilled to perfection which will delight and impress your taste buds! #monsoonspice #indianfood #desi #food #indiancuisine #desifood #homecooking #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #glutenfree #spicyfood #hautecuisines #dslrofficial #lonelyplanetindia #stilllifegallery #stilllife #feedfeed #foodporn #foodpics #foodtalkindia #foodie #foodphotography #indianfoodbloggers #desi_diaries #instayum #instafood #foodstyling #india_gram

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