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Shyvonne  I live a colorful life & wouldnt have it any other way! NYC singer/songwriter ✨✨✨✨ | |

Somethings take energy, but give life. 💛💫 The @unity_in_color shoots this past weekend reminded me why I do that work that I do, that music is always the language in common & that with community we can combat against hate in this world. The First ever YOUTH edition brought together almost 50 young ladies ranging from the youngest at 2yrs old to some fierce, dedicated young adults who are already doing the work to progress a movement of intersectionality & unity. I taught & performed my song "Just Groove" with my fav backup singer , we heard /worked with amazing women across NY like, @saada___ @reneemadeulook @tnemnroda @goldenmagazine @thatscheyenne @augustina_creates @aviva_klein @jaynelies And our SPECIAL Guest was the phenomenal 8 year old @alyssacheatham from Will Smith's "Collateral Beauty", who performed her new single #LikeItHere with her fabulous backup dancers & I was once again reminded that we cannot empower youth voice but rather amplify it because they already have the power! So much magic and creativity & we need to protect it because these strong, beautiful, young ladies are the future! 🌟⚡️💫 #unityincolor #sooncome #NYC #youthvoice #kidmodels #Shyvonne #giveback #summer #eachoneteachone #blackgirlsrock #MothaNature

Make sure to let the SUNshine in today 🌞 #AuntieSunShy #unityincolor #mood #sunshine #solareclipse

Here's some amazing SUNSHINE to start your week & solar eclipse brought to you by @unity_in_color 💛🌝✨ After a week of rain & #mercuryretrograde it was suddenly summer again in NYC this weekend with the Men's Edition on Sat & the first YOUTH edition on SUNday🌞 Huge S/O to @xojsmn for entrusting me to produce both shoots, can't wait for the final images but the #bts was soooooo good 💛 #SUNShy #unityincolor #bts #nyc #youthshoot #stillsummer

Today was such a beautiful day. Along with @floriankoenigsberger @ccurlysue08 @xojsmn we produced the first NYC Men's Edition of @unity_in_color ✊🏾💛 Almost 50 men from across NYC came together to stand in solidarity for Women's Rights and it was a day filled with sunshine, music, important conversations, and community. From my God kids making it from MD, to men that have never met my brother eager to help him with his walker, one of my student's from my global history class who just got a 87 on the Regents came to film our #bts, to homies making it to Fort Greene from UPtown, to @ghettofalsetto's voice giving us all chills, to @floriankoenigsberger really internalizing what this movement is all about today was everything my soul needed! I can't wait for the YOUTH shoot tomorrow bc these young ladies are about to show out! 💛⚡️ #UnityinColor #NYC #Forthgreene #mensupportingwomensrights #brooklyn #love #staywoke

Sometimes the pain of healing is worse than the hurt of staying stuck, but don’t resist discomfort just because it feels bad. Resist hate, fear, and oppression. Resist the attitudes, conditions, actions, and internal patterns that you know aren’t helping you to heal. Trust me, it’s the surest way out of whatever’s got you wrapped up🌹 -Reminders from @thehoodwitch #MercuryRetrograde & #SolarEclipse

After the NYC edition of @unity_in_color many of us left very inspired but not sure what to do next, and after such a beautiful day and imagery of women in solidarity, I kept thinking how powerful it would be for YOUNG women to be apart of the experience!

This Sunday 8/20 I will be producing the first ever Youth edition of Unity in Color for ladies under 22yrs old. The photo will be shot by the amazing @aviva_klein who shot the NYC women's shoot earlier this year (And so many favorites including BEYONCE)! Since @xojsmn began #UnityinColor it has now spread to over 15 US cities, with Hawaii being the most recent and Trinidad being the first international shoot and I am beyond proud to be on the board. With all of the chaos and hate in the world right now its even more important that we stay grounded in community and support and listen to the youth, because they are the future!
The shoot itself will be at 10:30am to be followed by some activities and special guests.

After the shoot, the youth will be going through stations, meeting different women and experiential activities so feel feee to contact me if you'd like to be involved.
Please share the RSVP ( #linkinbio) with any young ladies that may be interested (we are also hoping to have young girls under 10yrs old as well, so please feel free to bring any kids, nieces, students that may be in your life) 💛⚡️ #UnityinColor #Amplifyyouthvoice #nyc #womensrights #solidarity #kidsShoot #linkinbio

🚫NO Trump, NO KKK, NO Fascist USA!🚫 If you're not OUTRAGED your either not paying attention, benefitting from the problem itself or think we've earned the right to be tired yet so comfortable after so many fought to break down barriers. Silence is consent and if you do not agree with the fuckery going on in this country, SPEAK up & speak TRUTH because its clear no one will for us, so use whatever platform you may have to do it your damn self! The tone is changing but many are busy playing oppression olympics, fighting for solely their individual cause to the point in which they are blinded to see that everyone is now on a list and as a society we are crumbling through HATE. We live in a country that would prefer pipelines over WATER, with a history rooted in systemic racism that the President cannot even condemn, or properly address HATE because he too benefits from it. These clips were from the Women's March as well as the protest at Trump's inauguration. The message is that in community our voices can be heard and I pray that people are seeing this blatant hate for what if is and will show up for each other and speak out against injustice. #Amerikkka #ifyouseesomethingsaysomething

Sweat👏🏾Out👏🏾All👏🏾My👏🏾Curls💅🏾 Thanks for listening to #backtothebeach @getsummered 🌊 #mood

Tomorrow 8/12 I'm performing a brand new set with @getsummered at Friends and Lovers in BK, 10pm 💃🏾✨ Art work by @rachel_isysia 💫 #BacktotheBeach

Being perfect is forgettable💐

Mood ☕️🌥 Pic by: @xavizion

Even on a gloomy day my mind is still "Back to the Beach" 🌊Thank you to all the homies, grown & tiny who made it out to celebrate and listen to my new EP! ✨ Huge S/O & THANK YOU
to @rockaway_artists_alliance for their beautiful energy, gallery & garden @jackdaniels_us for keeping us fully hydrated 🍹, @sensetheexperience for exploring our imagination and artmaking, @imaniniasr in all her glory for painting for us live & @keeys providing us with tunes & all the right beach vibes🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Song: "Mirror" (instrumental)
Shyvonne ft @braxton_cook
Produced by @itsmntn
Garden dance performances by: @meledijada @theejulierose ⚡️
Filmed & Edited by: @xavizion 🙌🏽 Check out the full recap #linkinbio

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