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{dark edits}
↠] june eighteenth
↠] im an inactive shit sue me
↠] profile picture by: @mel0n.icons
↠] edit by: confiture

{dark edits}
↠] june fifteenth
↠] new theme! this one isn't fandom related oOpS
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{Heather Duke Edit}
↠] june eleventh
↠] the last heather edit - next up, some black stuff! it represents my soul. ↠confiture

{Heather Chandler Edit}
↠] june tenth
↠] i've got candy store stuck in my head now yay! ↠confiture

{Heather McNamara edit}
↠] june ninth
↠] the new theme is heathers! i'm so obsessed with this musical, so, like, hey, why not? ↠confiture




↠Hey people! So, Aliyah decided to be a generous soul and give me her account, since she was inactive because of all of the schoolwork we've got. Meanwhile, I'm super chill with ignoring all of my homework and procrastinating so much that my future crumbles in front of my very own eyes, so I'm going to be the (at this point very inexperienced) new editor! ↠Confiture
[I'm not sharing my real name.]
↠{Q} Top fandom?
↠{A} Harry Potter, I always go back to my roots. ↠Tags:
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credits to denisa cause i loved the way she filtered a pic of @katherinelangford @badlancs
y'all im back. i know it has taken too long and y'all are probably sick of me but ok. im not going to promise anything but i hope that i will be active. im so so so so sorry ok..
[::🍑 q: cats or dogs?
[::🍐 a: idc i like them both but i prefer cats more because i have one.
reposted cause i hated it at first

sorry for posting dividers AGAIN. the other ones sucked but i like these. so IM BACK! I feel a lot better and happier now so i hope the next theme will be great! comment something if u want to be tagged in my next theme. byebyo

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