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Shylah Eades  Health Freak 🐓 S A N D I E G O ✉️: Shylah@shylahmay.com


New post is up on the blog!
We’re talking about what I eat and why! Check the link in my bio😘😘 #shylahmay #sdblogger #healthyfood

Putting my back to the past👋🏽
I’m my worst critic. I used to get down on myself for the silliest things like not eating as healthy as I would like, running out of time to workout or for not checking off everything I had planned for my day. I was always disappointed in myself..well not anymore. I have trained myself on a new & positive way of thinking. Your past is your past. You can’t change anything so don’t waste your energy on the negative. Put your full energy on everything you did accomplish. Write a list down. Be proud of yourself. Monday is a new day... a fresh start🌟 #shylahmay #healthylifestyle

FINALLY🙌🏽 A weekend with no plans! Most people thrive off the word “busy”... I definitely used to brag about being busy until I realized being busy held me back from being “present”. The most important thing you can do to live a richer life.
Make sure you take a day off to fully be present - that may mean no email, social media, or drinking. Instead, open up a book and read, grab breakfast with a friend and chat about life or even take a yoga class. Relax your mind & BE PRESENT. Take the challenge. Happy Saturday! 🙌🏽🌟 #bepresent #mentalhealth

Nom nom nom 🤤
Whipped this baby up! Seriously so perfect for this cold weather... Nourishing Winter Soup recipe up on the blog! Jam packed with vitamins and minerals! Stay safe from the flu🙅🏽‍♀️ #shylahmay

Workout with me! I’m about to head to the gym to work on the booooty... join me here👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
**10 minute warmup on stair master.
*4x12 on each leg of weighted walking lunges.🍑 *3x12 one legged lying leg curls.
*3x12 one legged cable glute kick backs
*4x10 hip thrusts using hamstring curl machine (look this one up)
*3x12 smith machine leg press
Let’s face it, shit can get awkward when you’re doing legs at the gym or if you don’t know wth you’re doing. Look these exercises up BEFORE you get to the gym. They might look weird at first, but once you get comfortable with them.... you will see results😘 Go with a friend and be awkward together!

The addiction is SO real...
I might or might not eat a @perfectbar a day. 🙈 I can’t help it, my sweet tooth is real! My fave flavors are the chocolate chip peanut butter, cashew blueberry and the OG peanut butter! Check out their benefits👇🏽👇🏽
*made with 20 nutrient dense whole foods
*20-25 Grams of high quality whole food protein (no protein powder)
*gluten free
**made for health-nuts (AKA ME!!)
They are the freshest refrigerated, BUT you can enjoy them on the go for about a week! Try one & let me know what ya think🤤🤤
#healthylifestyle #sandiegoblogger #itsjustperfect

Diving into the weekend like...🤔🤔
I’ve been making a conscious effort in spending more of my time outdoors, unplugged. Yup, that’s right... no phone😅 It’s helped my mental health so much. I’m more in the moment, I’m stress free and my digestion is 100x times better. The weekend is WAY easier than the work week, but I try to squeeze in at least a 15 minute walk during my lunch hour at work! Think about it... how much of your time do you think you spend outdoors? 🌊🌿 #mentalhealth #sandiegoblogger

I love following accounts who are truly open and honest about their life. I hope my journey can inspire some of you beautiful babes out there. Whether it’s to be there for a friend or realize that you are enough. Our minds can get so wrapped up in what our society considers “perfect”... however we lose our true selves in the mix of the chase. I had no idea how much harm I was doing to my body... click the link in my bio to read more. #shylahmay #mentalhealth

The final blog post of the series - It didn’t come easy to me: My Journey to Health will be up on the blog T O M O R R O W!
Stay tuned... 💫

Doing what I do best... brunching & taking a few photos of it🤷🏽‍♀️🌟
Happy New Year babes! I just got back home from the most amazing New Year’s Eve in Santa Monica! After celebrating last night, this morning we took it easy. We brunched then rode electric scooters along the board walk in Venice Beach! If you’re in LA, check out the app @bird to rent an electric scooter. They are placed all over LA and once you find one, you can rent the scooter from your phone & drive it/ leave it anywhere you’d like. Literally the most genius idea!! (Bring them to SD, please!!) Hope you all had a wonderful New Year! 💫

Pucker up, 2018! 💋

Just trying to steal a kiss 💋

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