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Shyft Mobile App  Communicating with your work team about shifts should feel effortless and natural. Setup your team here👇🏼


The days of frantically sending mass texts, Posting to Facebook groups, or throwing a Post-It Note up in the back room are over. Simply post the shift you need covered, wait for a coworker to cover it, once your manager approves it, you’re good to go! It’s that easy. #Shyft

We know what it’s like to take a blurry picture of your schedule, to enter It inaccurately into your phone’s notepad, or to frantically text your supervisor to send you a picture of it. With the Shyft Schedule, that’s all a thing of the past. Keep a simply beautiful and easy-to-use schedule in your pocket at all times 📆 #Shyft

Without needing phone numbers, create #CustomGroups to communicate with whomever you need, whenever you want, and about whatever you want. Whether it’s store news, promotions, the weather, the District Manager who’s visiting tomorrow, or just to chat...Shyft makes it possible ✔️ #Shyft

Trust us, you’re not going to miss those mass texts to each one of your employees the night before your shift starts. Simply post the shift you need coverage for, sit back as your coworkers browse through available shifts to cover, and jump for joy when that notification comes through. Once your manager approves the swap, you're good to go! 🙌🏼 #Shyft

Sorry guys, “I totally forgot I had work” isn’t going to fly anymore! Get a reminder an hour before your shift is starting with our beautiful & simplistic calendar. Either upload a photo of your schedule & watch as they automagically appear in your teams’ calendar, or enter in your shifts. Either way, it’s nice to clear the clutter ✔️ #Shyft

Create custom #GroupChannels to communicate with only the people who are in the need-to-know. Whether it’s #ShiftSupervisors, #Managers or #StorePromotions the possibilities are endless. All without sharing phone numbers ✔️ #Shyft

Instead of verbal notices during a hectic workday, or late night texts; you’ll receive a single notification whenever two employees agree to swap shifts. In just a few seconds, you then approve or deny the swap, notifying all relevant parties of your decision...letting you carry on with your day. No headaches, no forgetting; That’s the Shyft way #Shyft

We know managing a team is hard enough, that’s why we’re devoted to making it easier for you. Our tools for managers include the ability to approve or deny shift swaps, lock your location so you can approve new members, delete user-posted content, and other security & control features. Time is money, and Shyft saves you both 💯✔️💵 #Shyft

Check out our loss calculator on our website to estimate your losses without Shyft! You may need to sit down...😅 #Shyft

Eliminate “no shows” by up to 80% and export records of all app activity for when you need to show the boss. (BTW, We’re still working on getting the other 20% to show up to work 😏) #Shyft

Labor projections fail to take into account the reality that sometimes, things come up. A Shyft-managed workforce uses real-time, secure communication to make sure the optimal number of people are staffed at all times, saving your bottom-line #Shyft 📈

Managers on Shyft are saving up to 5 hours of time previously spent on managing team schedules. Our team is hard at work making sure you stay compliant with all pertinent legislation, so you don’t have too ✔️ #Shyft

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