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shanette  weight room junkie – bay area – training log discipline, drive, determination, donuts, 8:30crew @revere_tattoo @hviiibrandgoods – code:shvnette

changing up my content for once 🙃 just wanted to share some more of the creative work @nickylaflare did with me! I’m all for helping my friends explore their passion and hobbies❣️
what do you do on your free time?

sis @nickylaflare had me feeling comfy in the skin I’m in ❤️ been living my best life y’all!

i was only supposed to take this once, but I couldn’t let it go 😭 NEVVVVERRR have I ever been so stubborn but every time you fail.. brush yourself and try again @rennsapanlay @bigart18 @uncojake @thenameisjo #teamrevere #hviiibrandgoods #whenpotatoeslift #leosden #idonthateyoubabyimsorry

Valentine’s just gives us another day to reflect and remind us of who keeps our heart warmest. @rennsapanlay does just that. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! 💖❤️

ask me how my life is going....
#whenpotatoeslift @rennsapanlay @aidanthebrave

happy that this is the outcome even when I’m having a sleepy morning 😴 those front squats really testing my jerk thoooughhhh @rennsapanlay @gabriel_aseron @bigart18 @uncojake @koa_threads #leosden #whenpotatoeslift #teamrevere @hviiibrandgoods

happy thursday, everyone! 💖
still my favorite day of the week 🙃 hope you’re all out there making goals and knockin’em out! these past couple weeks I have been accepting the many new experiences and opportunities that I have been presented with... with that being said... “be the change you wish to see in the world!” — Mahatma Gandhi #shanesbrain
📷: @dopeitsrome out here making me look less of a potato
#pursuitofportaits #moodygrams #moodyfilm #girlswithtattoos

trying my best to win over consistency 🙃 @rennsapanlay #teamrevere @hviiibrandgoods #whenpotatoeslift #leosden

@hviiibrandgoods new sweat joggers so comfy I could handle @cookiecali all day.. I mean carry 🙃💕lookout for the drop this thursday!! go cop yourself a pair and handle ya’business 😉 SHVNETTE at checkout saves you a lil🤘🏻

a little #shanesbrain for ya!
I’m a work in progress and always will be🌱
mini-story time! the other day, a woman who I occasionally converse with asked me how I did it, how I got in shape, how I was so happy and positive. this had me thinking as I explained to her that I hadn’t always been this way. I often forget how overweight and poor my health was.. I told her, I do it because I love to watch myself grow, as a person. sure, I may be in shape but I am not ripped or shredded. but in contrast to a few years ago - I am healthy… and THIS is why I am happy and positive. because of the many changes I’ve experienced, I have a lot of insecurities but I chose to face and find ways to challenge them.. always reminding myself “its you vs. you” , that doubts are silly and should I never waste time wishing to be anyone else. I hardly ever spill my thoughts, only until I am presented with a reminder.. just very lucky to have so many amazing people in my life that really keep me on my feet whenever I’m feeling uncertain or in rut💖
* I’ve also had a chance to meet so many beautiful people here on instagram! for those of you who too often struggle, just know there are always people out there with ears that are willing to listen and hands willing to help. I’m terrible with response time.. but always feel free to message me💌

first off, happy birthday @barbellabox! 💙 thank you for sending over an awesome box full goodies. @thechestee killed the legging game with the built-in shin guards!! totally saved my already wrecked shins during today’s training 🤕🙌🏻
• pull + high hang + snatch and 8’s on the menu #teamrevere @hviiibrandgoods #whenpotatoeslift #leosden @rennsapanlay @thenameisjo @aandytran @bigart18

loving you is a no-brainer 😉

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