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top of the morning to ya! from me and my CBD COFFEE ☕️
i wanted to share my recipe and why i drink this with the benefits of each product. a lot of you have asked so here you go friends.
reminder: we’re all different (shocker right? 😜) i don’t follow diets, intermittent fasting, count calories or macros. i eat and drink whatever the hell i want that’s REAL FOOD. the ONE thing i CHOOSE NOT to ingest is soy. only because 93% of it is GMO, no thanks.
this is not a meal, it’s what i look forward to every morning during or right after breakfast. i mostly just love the taste and smell to be honest.
about 12 oz hot coffee-
1-2 drops @mowellens inner peace cbd oil-
reduces anxiety, inflammation, relieves pain, nausea, headaches and helps you chill the hell out.
1 scoop @vitalproteins beef gelatin-
great source of amino acids, supports healthy mood, smooth skin and strong bones.
1/2tbs @fourthandheart vanilla bean ghee-
packed with fat soluble vitamins, contains CLA and improves digestion.
1/2Tbs @bulletproof brain octane
quality fats and quick source of energy.
1tsp @sunpotion yin power
supports immunity, hormonal balance, healthy circulation, cellular regeneration and mental clarity.
add a dash of cinnamon, blend in @vitamix and enjoy. hope your day is bright!
#shutthekaleup #realfood

chill out and eat some balls.
whipped up more of my CBD raw balls because 420.. kidding 🤷🏻‍♀️ they’re just a staple in our home. insanely delicious, decadent, anti inflammatory and can help decrease stress + anxiety.. cool right? so many of you ask about this recipe so i wanted to share it again!
3/4C coconut flour
2C almond flour
2C sprouted macadamia + walnuts
7 large @thedatelady dates
2 scoops @vitalproteins collagen peptides
1/2Tbs CBD oil (i used @mowellens no you can’t taste it and no it won’t get you high)
1/2C melted coconut oil
1/2Tbs vanilla bean paste (or extract)
dash of cinnamon + nutmeg + pink salt
throw everything in a food processor and blend to whatever consistency you’d like. add some nut milk if it’s too dry, roll em up, freeze em and turn up!
#shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats

so EXTRA and SAWCY is how i live my life. by that i mean.. how i like my food because healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or bland. this was too good to not post so here is dinner at the ogden’s!
@seasnax seaweed, turmeric kimchi, sautéed spinach, pickled ginger from @erewhonmarket, turmeric salmon- bake at 375 for 10 min. with @chosenfoods avo oil, pink salt, turmeric, pepper + garlic, roasted curried carrots- avo oil, curry powder, paprika, garlic, pink salt, pepper + cumin and a jalapeño tahini sauce i randomly whipped up. sharing this weekend! have a good evening friends✨ #shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats

i like my toast like i like them thighs, THICK 👅
back home and trying to get lots done. so far i’ve got laundry, some cleaning, emails, getting quotes on how much it’s gonna cost to have a moving company help out, a core workout and let’s not forget breakfast.. the most important part of the day:
@erewhonmarket paleo bread toasted with @coyo_uk coconut yogurt, banana, @navitasorganics hemp, crushed sprouted nuts, cinnamon, LOTS of @georgiagrinders cashew buttah and cbd bulletproof coffee.
hope you have a productive day friends! #shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats

i came, i saw, i’m inspired.
i also spoke in front of 80+ people working for one of the coolest brands in the world and made them laugh. all with sweaty palms, bubbly guts, so many thoughts racing through my head and feeling like i was gonna throw up.
currently reaching for the stars because.. why not?

it was all a dream.. #shutthekaleup

about to take off and thinking about one little bub.. 😭♥️🙈 it’s always hard to leave him whether it’s a short or long trip. i struggle with guilt even though it’s good for both us, aj + i are working hard to provide for our little squad. he’s in good hands and now knows we’ll be back to love the 💩 outta him.
hope tuesday is so good to you babes!
#shutthekaleup #elliottgreyogden

“people don’t eat ingredients, they eat food” - @markhymanmd
this quote inspired the hell outta me 💯
prepped lots of REAL FOOD today: roasted chicken, grilled wild salmon fillets, made an awesome sprouted quinoa tabouli salad, roasted tons of different veggies and cut up some pineapple and papaya to have as snacks throughout the week. i’ve learned that by using spices, fresh herbs, avocado oil, coconut oil, ghee and butter makes “bland food” flavorful as hell. i know that’s obvious but sometimes i forget so it’s a good reminder!
in my bowl: grilled chimichurri salmon, turmeric kimchi (bought chimichurri + turmeric kimchi at, sautéed spinach in @fourthandheart ghee and pink salt, seaweed, avo, pickled ginger (bought from @erewhonmarket) and this delicious sprouted quinoa tabouli. i cooked the @sproutedflour sprouted quinoa in my instant pot and let it cool. added organic parsley, very little sweet onion, olive oil, pink salt, tomato, minced garlic and mint. came out tasting soooo good but i don’t have measurements because i eyeballed it 💃🏻
have a lovely evening friends!
#shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats

monday’s aren’t so bad.. 😏
i’m no pro at taking these @leefromamerica luxurious self care baths. she makes them look heavenly and i’ve tried to enjoy them but i don’t care for them really. i can only soak for 5 min. before i get bored 🤷🏻‍♀️ i decided to take one because, why not? elliott ended up joining me and within a minute, stood up, looked at me straight in the face and peed in my @naturopathica epsom salt bath. sickkkkk 🤙🏽
haha how’s your monday going?

seeing elliott enjoy life as much as he does brings me so much happiness. it’s always a good reminder to live and love like kids do, without fear, hate or judgement. oh to be this age again and not worry bout a damn thang ✨ sending you babes so much love.. we’ll be here if y’all need us ✌🏽
#shutthekaleup #elliottgreyogden

word ☝🏽

NOchella, NO problem🍦
#shutthekaleup #elliottgreyogden

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