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Historywali  People / Places / Plates / Puppies / tales from the Past. @shuchatterji / @historywali on Twitter

I got lucky. ❤️❤️

Chai garam. Keeping the kettle warm and the chai in it piping hot, with a tiny angeethi attached to it. #Jugaad #SeeingIndia with #Historywali #India #Chai #Fuel #TheCountryRunsOnChai

Bun-Maska & Chai are my Irani Restaurant staples, as they must be yours. This one at the other-worldly Irani Hotel near Teen Darwaza in Ahmedabad is slathered very very very generously with pliant safed makkhan. On my maiden shooting trip to Ahmedabad last week I discovered another city that truly deeply loves its food (reminded me a lot of Indore)! Waiting to go back to eat, write, shoot more. Universe, are you listening? #Eating #India with #Historywali #Ahmedabad #Gujarat

I can also haz straight hair! Which do you like better? (Things you do on a Sabbatical Post 1)

Jalebi, Big fat chillies & raw papaya chutney (sambharo), Fafda, and PMT/PET Toppers. Breakfast in Rajkot. #Eating #India with #Historywali #Gujarat #InstaNashta I love that hashtag please use it.

Simba Singh, First of his furname, s/o The Pahadi. I'm marrying into two children, and bringing one child of my own into this mix. Hum do, Humare teen. For now. Photo Credit: @instakalap #CatsOfInstagram

And this, boys & girls is how we wrap Season 1 of #Indipedia in which we've made @edwardsonnenblick do practically everything. Thanks for being such a great sport, Mister Sonnennblick! Befitting that my last shoot before shaadi has me and four boys in a bathroom. The best crew in the world! @anthonyjnadar @shaikh.mohammadismail @shanawazansari379 😘Wish you were here @moniapinto10 and @dhillonmaheep. And much love to @manvirjasrotia and his magic fingers for making this show shine like it does. And my girl gang @tunalimukherjee @circusofthesenses and @su4ita for making us sound as smart as we do!

Holy Beers cooling in icy-cold Gangajal. The Hill Tribe is having a Bachelor Party by the banks of the Ganges while I slog my ass off shooting in the hinterlands. Oh envy. Also. This is beginning to feel real, this Wedding thing. Nope, it hasn't entirely sunk in till now. #ColdBeers on a #ColdDay #BachelorPartyWeekend #MountainLife

Didn't have parchment paper so I used foil & browned the bottoms a little too much but since these are made with almond flour the extra toasting actually added a nice nuttiness to the cookies! The thing with a HFLC diet is that it pushes you to get into the kitchen and make your own stuff because you're starved for options! What else do you do when a 10pm post-dinner sweet craving comes knocking? You make gluten free, sugar free, midnight Lindt cookies (Lindt cos no chocolate chips in the larder). #MainBhiKeto #NeedToLoseWeightForThisDarnedWedding #HFLC #HFLCDiet #Keto #KetogenicDiet #GlutenFree #SugarFree

Two months (- one day) to go.

#NoFilter Lassi at the Cross Maidan Khau Galli behind Fashion Street in Churchgate. Malai Maar Kar. So so so good! Not quite Banaras-level but the best I've had in Bombay. There is only one Lassi shop in the galli so you won't have a problem finding it. They do a mean Chaas too. #Eating #India with #Historywali

Scenes from our Indipedia shoot at Matunga this morning. @edwardsonnenblick's son Om came to see his Daddy at work, and he was my 1st AD for the day. :)