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‪The best (pork belly) Ramen 🍜 in Mumbai has come to Powai. Can't wait for it to come to Andheri (I'm told very soon.) ‬That's a terrible low-light pic cos @thefattybaomum believe in mood lighting but believe me when I say that's a bowl you need to get your hands on ASAP. #AboutLastNight #GoodEats #Mumbai #RestaurantOpening

Which is your favourite Falooda, Bombay? I used to love the one from Badshah's at Crawford Market but of late, I'm a bigger fan of the one from Baba Falooda in Mahim (very VFM too) or the stuff you get at Haji Ali Juice Center (slightly steep 150 bucks a glass for the basic Falooda). The best Falooda I've ever eaten though is the one at Kolah's Ice Cream in Navsari. A glass full of Heaven in these summer months. <3

Shooting under the summer sun for one straight week waali selfie. Parched. Tanned. Peeling. Destroyed. @lotus_herbals ka 50 spf wala matte sunscreen is the best. I've been using it for the last 7 years of under-sun shooting. #NotAPaidPost #ShootingLife #Essentials #DrinkWater

Trippy ceilings. Look up. I love Banaras and if I had to choose just one image to explain the city to anyone, this would be it (a painted ceiling in a random temple I walked into whilst location scouting). Mayhem. Multiplicity. Meandering and Finding. Fascination. Exaggeration. Exasperation. Emotion. And I have no idea how but so much calm within such immense chaos. I feel a pull. This is my 4th time in Varanasi in the last 9 months. It's the Banaras year. Like there was a Srinagar year. I have love-affairs with cities, perhaps. But this would be the first time I've developed a loverly relationship with a city I have roots in. Roots that I have lost and feel compelled to find. I'll be back for more. Soon. #OnTheRoad with #Historywali in #Kashi or is it #Varanasi or #Banaras #Travel #indialove

New series. New gamchas. 'Cos all you need is a Gamcha. Yes, the Towel theory works. Nothing is more handy than this one piece of cloth - sun screen, bandana, face mask, floor mat, sweat wiping tool, I use it to view my monitor screen under bright sun, umbrella yes, hand wiper, lens / glass cleaner, bandage in emergencies, tourniquet, turban, dupatta when one decides to suddenly walk into a Dargah or Gurudwara. Yup, a Gamcha is all you need when #OnTheRoad. Anthony gets us new ones for each new travel based show we shoot. I have gamchas from Chakh Le India, Ekaant, Lost Recipes, TGIF, and now this new series which I can't reveal the name of just yet. #ShootingLife #CrewLife

I have found Love to be the most common theme in Indian Truck Art. Slogans, paintings, radium-sticker hearts. Love not just of the romantic sort but Love itself. Love for everyone except those with 'buri nazar'. Brotherly love. Love for ones mother. Love for the country. Love for God. Love for people. Love for love itself. Love for life. Love, which seems to have gone missing elsewhere in this country. शायद बुरी नज़र लग गई? #OnTheRoad with #HistoryWali

SM Lesson for the day in Truck Panel Art. 'If you can't be positive then at least be quiet'. #NotRumi #TruckArt #StreetArt #PublicArt #ArtForAll #India

Life on the road! These three Kashmiri beauties, freshly painted, were leaving for my favourite Srinagar, and I just had to hop on and say bye-bye. Or TATA. I'm shooting what I've always been fascinated with - Trucks and Truck Art - for my new series, and am very very taken by everything I'm seeing. Mind is blown. Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala! 👹A post on the history of Truck Art will be up soon. :) Please do follow @historywali on Twitter and my Historywali page on Facebook. #OnTheRoad with #Historywali

I want to live in this glass of lassi all summer. <3

Easily the best lassi I've had in the last two days here in Amritsar. Swipe right for Lassi pics. #OnTheRoad #SummerIsHere #CoolOff #Lassi #Amritsar #EatingIndia with #Historywali #India #Punjab

The first sign that a good meal is on its way is a salad that's fresh. Great produce = Great food. This was the start of lunch at lovely little highway dhaba in Punjab. The 'green salaad'. Cos I've never seen anyone post a green salad pic ever, poor thing, present at practically every meal yet never given its due. #UnHipster

The Baby Pehelwans of Amritsar. The baby-est of the lot is the posey-est. #OnTheRoad with #Historywali #Amritsar #Punjab #India

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