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⚡hea ⚡mall  Your favorite pale face kid with the frame of a skeleton.

#utilityart #VWBusLove ✌️🏼🚌

The beautiful @starshinesparkle and I brought some guns to the party. #PistolBolo 👔🔫💪🏼

Beautiful wedding, with some beautiful people, in a beautiful city.

The neph and the boys in Reno.

My favorite #Yellowcard song, one last time #WayAway

During my 36th trip around the sun... I listened to 829 different Artists, 1,791 Albums and 4,031 Tracks. Top 5 @flagaline @marenmorris @dierksbentley @alessiasmusic @spaceykacey // @last_fm #SuperSheaSunday #FunFacts

😂 👍🏼 #Chargers

Thanks for the #ChuckaPuck @banzaibar @chels_nw // We up in it @sdgullsahl

✌🏻✌🏿✌🏼✌🏾✌🏽✌️☮️ #PeaceOn

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