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Shruti Narayanan  Butter toes.

To replicate Naima's style is a near impossibility. Many of our movements today are muddied with layering and other hyperactivity. What I loved about the #goldenera and #naimaakef in particular was the fact that her sharp staccato movements never overpowered the music and the rounded hip work was executed with so much strength and balance. She also possibly had the best turns I've ever seen. Here's a little bit from my tribute to Naima. Though a far cry from her girlish charm, I tried to study and present a little bit of her styling at the #performancelab today. Please be kind. β™₯️ Video courtesy: Shruti Kulkarni's awesome mother 😍 @shrutikulkarni29

Those of you who know me will know my obsession with the #goldenera. If you don't...come to @livelahelahe tomorrow and find out why! I'll be doing a small piece inspired by the ethereal #naimaakef for the #performancelab by @nrityakosh 😍

#throwback to this absolutely fantastic event and moment during my Muwashahat solo! I love this style. It is a perfect combination of grace and poise set to poetry and I'm elated I had a chance to present this style on stage for the first time in India.

Thank you for the wonderful click @dreamersiris β™₯️‒β™₯️‒β™₯️ please do follow his page for some stunning photography!
Will be sharing some more of your work very soon! 😁

#hipnosis #andalusian #bellydance #muwashahat

We are working on some super interesting stuff for #theorientaltrail part 2 this year. If you were a part of our first production or witnessed it, you'll know that our goal was to present an overview on the evolution of bellydance, the folkloric contributions and how the western ideologies shaped it. I can guarantee that this year, "Trail" is going to get bigger, better and a lot more informative!
One of the pieces is the Ouled Nail choreography, where the girls are attempting to replicate the emotions, the raw energy and the manic technique commonly used by the Bou Saada tribes. What is interesting about the women we are representing is that they enjoyed fairly liberal lives in a very misogynist Algeria. They took control of their earnings and saved up for better economic status through dance and entertainment and passed the trade to their daughters. We are working hard to bring this to life and highlight how this now-forgotten tribe contributed to the overall development of bellydance .... All of this and lots MORE will take place on the 14th of July at ADA Rangamandira and I really hope that you can be a part of this uncharted trail and witness bellydance like you've never seen before β™₯️

Working on "camera angles" like they would have. πŸ’«πŸ˜Ž Remembering the icons today with this lovely group that made #worldbellydanceday super special!
From the golden era to the transition era, they did it all! β™₯️ Thank you for being a part of the #vintagebellydance workshop. More coming soon! Happy World Bellydance Day y'all!

The VINTAGE Bellydance Workshop is happening TOMORROW between 9 am to 12 pm at ARDS Studio, Thippasandra 😁

So excited to be sharing some wonderful info, combinations and music with you all! 😍
JUUUUUUST ONE spot left!
Take the opportunity to do something unique this #worldbellydanceday and join me in paying tribute to the dancers who reigned supreme from the 50s to the 70s and changed the face of bellydance.

Drawing heavily on the mystique of the dancers of the 50s-70s, this special world bellydance day workshop is an ode to a melodic, expressive style that faded in the 20th century but gave so much to the dance. I will be sharing my research on vintage dance vocabulary, styling, and expressiveness, teaching a wide array of combinations, and body language elements that capture different facets of vintage dance.
Travel back in time and be a part of this unique experience!

DM for registrations.
This workshop is open for all levels.

Thank you for this amazing poster @payalgupta πŸ’•

#worldbellydanceday #workshop #vintagebellydance #goldenera #theorientaltrail

The story of bellydance is just waiting to be told. After my debut show last September, team OT is gearing up for "The Oriental Trail 2", working towards retelling the story of bellydance with greater depth, unveiling it's colourful, folkloric lineage, the people, the orientalist ideologies and the transcontinental events that shaped it. I am also very happy to announce that we will be collaborating with the best - @payalsdanceacademy, @nrityakosh, @shrutikulkarni29 for the event with the super talented, @aswati.a
on the production script 😎 #muchexcite
The best is yet to come! Stay tuned for posts on #thenextbigthing - our unique, bellydance production, #theorientaltrail #part2. Be a part of the Oriental Trail experience and get a chance to witness bellydance like never before, coming July! β™₯️

Had the best three days ever! Got to learn so much, interact with new people, made stronger bonds and memories for life. Above all, got a chance to witness three phenomenal artistes and trained under them thanks to our wonderful director, @payalgupta. Thank you so much for this platform and for this unforgettable Mumbai experience. I also want to personally thank @_mercedes_nieto_ @kamiliddle and @tablabyissam for being so patient with us and for the knowledge. And Isadoras Muse. So much love for you guys β™₯️ Thank you for being the best!
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And here's another one by a student! πŸ˜—πŸ˜ @priyaaoza hitting all the right beats in her unique drum solo! 😍 keep going and practice hard! Very proud of you β™₯️

When your students love to dance and dance like this! 😍 And this is their own choreography! πŸ’Ÿ So so so proud of you two! Follow and support these budding bellydancers, @the_mika_roy and @madrimankad! πŸ’ž

#jaggajasoos #bellydance #fusion

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