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S'🌸  “و بقلب حفيدتك لم تموتى بعد..!:').

You keep listening to people's stories and there is that feeling inside you. " Yes I lived that too ". You keep searching for solution for their problems and when it comes to you. You're paralayzed.

You keep talking to someone and telling them how they should feel good. How they should stay positive.
And inside you there is a battle between what you say and what you really feel.
You keep saving others. But who saves you?

I asked someone ' what's the most beautiful thing on earth? ' ' To be understood and loved ' - They said.
And understanding came before love.
Because sometimes we only need someone who would listen and get what we say.
Or even what we fail to say.

" Talk to yourself everytime you feel that nothing is okay, talk to yourself every moment you think you won't get up again.Tell it how impossible it was for you to get up and how you recovered. Tell it that you're strong enough even if the storms are getting stronger. Remind it of how dark it was at times but light could get through the days at an unexpected timings.Remember, you will shine. Again.

I believe that the people who suffer in silence are the best people in this world.
They hide their pain in the most beautiful way.You'd find them between us but you won't really feel them. They walk around like nothing happened yet they carry it all inside them. To all people who suffer from anything that they never show.
To all the people who get hurt without showing a sign.To all people who tolerate something bad in silence.
Stay strong.

When someone is giving you an advice Remember. They're not you. They are not passing through the things you pass through everyday. They are not analysing things the way you do.They are not having the same people around. Even if they want you to be better. They won't totally understand what you have been through. Even if they're the closest person to you.They're not you.Filter their words and take the ones that suit your mind, heart and soul. Their advice won't be a perfect fit for you in all dimensions.

Wake me up when people say what they really feel. Wake me up when they stop judging what they don't know. When it's easier to talk to someone you know rather than a stranger. Wake me up when it's a bit easier to talk and not being misunderstood. Wake me up when it's too comfortable outside myself.

There is something stopping me from being happy to the fullest.
Nothing in this world is comfortable to a point that sleeping isn't a healer anymore.
There is a thing inside me that makes everything less enjoyable. A thing that makes me believe that life is sort of a battle.

A battle, that you sometimes lose.

Give e damn about your self first, then those who give you a damn about you, and then see if your have any damns left to give🤙🏻

Don't let them watch you getting too insecure questioning yourself if they still want you or not.!!

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but i can adjust my sails to always reach my destination, when one door of happiness closes , another opens, but often we looks so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us!!

Once you have really hurt someone, it will be always on their mind even if they still have a smile on their face.

You won't always be sitting on your bed with your comfortable clothes on and nothing matters. You'll wake up one day with your head having headache from yesterday's thoughts, you'd wake up with a sad smile because you have to appear stronger. You'll go to family gatherings and happy events when you can't even feel alive. You'll have to leave your bed when you can't face the world.
The world isn't always your favourite colour.

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