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Amy Doan  Founder of Sugarpill Cosmetics (@sugarpill) Psychedelic Bimbo, Baby Woman Kissed Ron Perlman 10-7-14 😭💝

Woke up so full of gratitude today! I can’t believe this fairy tale is my actual life and that we get to live on this beautiful planet. I hope this feeling never goes away. Thanks for the adventure, @stuntkid! 🌼🌼🌼
PS. I was super careful not to sit on any flowers

One time at the doctor, I opened a trash can in the exam room to throw something away. The trash was full, so I put mine on top and pushed down. When I let go, everything bounced back up and flew out, and dirty latex gloves and used tissues with people’s bodily fluids littered the floor. Horrified, I grabbed a clean paper towel to pick shit up with. @Willam said “Don’t touch that, I got it” and proceeded to clean up my biohazard mess himself while I stood there with hearts in my eyes, wondering when I get to hug his parents for raising the most perfect gentleman. Oh and he’s also real pretty. 🥰

The handsomest boy, loved by all 💕 @dumpstercatturkey

Modern day Rapunzel fantasy with @abhora_the_real_one

Bathroom modeling career going strong 📸 Got to see Mean Gays last Saturday. Wasn’t it amazing?!! So good, fave cast, brilliant! 😭 @queenofblending

Warm and fuzzies ☺️💕

I got to meet Ernie and his 8 million toes and my life is forever changed 😭🐾 @gurmanflavor

#TBT and he still makes my heart flutter everyday! 🥰 @willam you are a nice man ♥️

They’re live!! 🎉 Tell me which one you got! I’ve been wearing Bliss every day. It’s kinda like Trinket but pinker and I feel like the cutest bimbo 💖 @sugarpill #sugarpill

Do you guys prefer liquid 💦 or traditional bullet 💄 lipsticks, why or why not, and can you recite the Preamble to the U.S. constitution (I can)
💖 Lips: @sugarpill Bliss lipstick (launching this Wednesday!)
@meltcosmetics Love Note lip pencil
💖 Eyes:
#meltcosmetics Radioactive stack
#sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow
@natashadenona Safari palette
@doseofcolors Shell Eyedeal Duo (inner corner)
💖 Cheeks:
@jouercosmetics Seduce Me from Bouquet D’Amour blush palette
@meltcosmetics Pink Moon highlighter
@katvondbeauty Neruda Ink Liner for hearts and freckles
💖 Brows:
#katvondbeauty Magenta brow pomade
💖 Eyeliner:
#jouercosmetics Kitten Liner
@meltcosmetics 1987

I saw @lindahallberg wearing orange blush so I wore orange blush. 🦞
🧡 Lips: @sugarpill Nectar lipstick (coming 3/6!) with @doseofcolors Floral lip liner
🧡 Eyes: #sugarpill Flamepoint and Bulletproof eyeshadows, @natashadenona Safari palette, @shopvioletvoss Donut
🧡 Cheeks: @sugarpill Flamepoint, @meltcosmetics Bawdy
🧡 Brows: #meltcosmetics Dusk eye pencil
🧡 Eyeliner: #jouercosmetics Kitten Liner, #meltcosmetics 1987
🧡 Lashes: @modernglowlashes Classic Smokey

Hydro lipstick by @sugarpill coming 3/6! 🐍🐍🐍
My high school internet name was Alien Love cuz I wore all green and silver everything and covered myself in layers of green and silver craft glitter that got all over everyone’s desks and cars (sorry @kittikakes!) It was also a @psychotica_official song, and I adored Pat Briggs cuz he was hot and casually fucked with gender without making it a big deal. I couldn’t wait to grow up and get out and be a part of a world where weird was normal. Also unrelated but does anyone else’s location tags default to a bunch of places in China but like you’ve never been to China?! #sugarpill 💚💚💚

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