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Shraddha Srinath  *actress, not heroine

And finally. Critics award for Best Actress. Thank you team #OperationAlamelamma and @filmfare . @simplesuni sir, nanige ananya teacher antha ondu identity sikkidde nimminda. Forever grateful. 🌺
Aadre nanige Kannada odakke baralla antha rumour spread maaDadralla. Tumba mosa. 🤭

Photograph by @rohitsabu
Hair and make up by @shlaya
Wearing @dollyjstudio
Styled by @indpat
Assisted by @rishi_chowdary

For Filmfare south last evening.
Wearing @dollyjstudio
Styled by @indpat . Thanks Indrakshi. This will be my most memorable red carpet look.
Assisted by @rishi_chowdary . Thank you Rishi for all the help last night! You're a gem.
Hair and make up by @shlaya . This girl is my absolute favourite and I cannot i repeat cannot find anyone to replace her.
Photograph by the only guy I would fly down across half the globe to photograph me, because he's that amazing @rohitsabu

Super duper flooper excited to announce my next project in Tamil titled #Maara. Directed by @dhilipgads , produced by @prateekchakravorty of @pramodfilms , I will be acting alongside @actormaddy . One of my favourite things about starting any new project is the new people I get to meet - the entire team of #Maara. Some I've met, some not yet. Looking forward to making new memories. Uffff. Yaay. Joy.

Met this @purvaacharya8 today for a chaat date. I don't know if I'm happier that I met her after nearly two years or that I ate good chaat, but I'm so happy. I've known you for 12 years puvachaya! Some things change so much, some don't at all. This is another kind of growing old together. I think it's beautiful.

When someone asks, "Ma'am what is this Dubai Crossing?" .
📸 @flying_asplif_ 👗@praudah_couture 💄@dhanyaraghavan

When you spend 40 minutes deciding what to order but the food on the next table looks better

Photograph by @flying_asplif_
Hair and make up @dhanyaraghavan
Outfit courtesy @praudah_couture

Let's assume. Let's assume the Big Bang never happened. Let's assume there really is a God. I'm going to name this person something really generic for now, don't mind yeah? For the lack of anything more imaginative, let's call him/her... God. Okay. So this God was responsible for the creation of the universe as we know it. Planet Earth.
So when God was busy creating Ladakh, what was he going through? What was his state of mind? I thought long and hard about this alright. And I think he was going through heart break. Yup. A beautiful heart break. He wrote a beautiful sad song in the form of Ladakh. You know songs that are so melancholic but beautiful, you want to undergo that pain too? The kind of pain you shudder to think of but wished you were fortunate enough to experience.
Ladakh is so barren and so beautiful, there's a conflict in your head as to what you feel more. The mountains are what fascinated me the most. Each mountain must have a thousand stories to tell. How long they must have stood there tall while proud men just came and went. Some moments you feel you're in paradise, some moments you feel like you're the last man surviving, some times you feel like you're on a different planet. It's confusing.

These mountain peaks are so jagged, so sharp, one touch and you may fall into deep slumber. Like a beautiful curse. Mountain faces so smooth and deep, you want to roll down from the top knowing that the fall will never end. You know those dreams where you free fall into nothingness? Like that. Eternal. Everything in this land is so majestic and ancient, it makes you resign to the insignificance of your existence.
And the people. Ladakhi people are the most spirited and friendly people I have seen. They smile at you and you can see their face crinkle up and that smile reaches all the way up to their eyes.
I write this post as I sit at the Leh airport. Eating cuppa noodles and feeling cold. My holiday ends today and so does my high intense carb diet. Work starts tomorrow. Going back with a some lovely memories, a tan, excess baggage, a heart full of pride, some very dusty clothes and 3 new woolen caps. Yay.

Patriotism they say is overrated. Some say it is underrated. The debate is endless. Who drew these boundaries? What are you fighting for? What is an enemy? The first men were unaware of the concept of countries and states. Patriots are now accused of being politically aligned. But what's wrong with being patriotic? Did it go out of fashion? In these times when we lack passion, it only gives us something to live for. And I say that's a damn good thing.
We went to Drass today. Drass was only a name in my head till I visited it today. Remember the summer of 1999? I remember it so well. It was the time of Barkha Dutt, Yeh Dil Maange More, war journalism, Tiger Hill. We'd be glued to our TV screens. I remember people discussing the war on an everyday basis. It became a conversation starter. I remember our civilian friends and relatives asking dad questions about the war. I remember our school asking us to make cards and gifts and sending them to soldiers serving at the front. And then we won the war. We celebrated. And then everyone went back to their regular lives. Several movies were made based on the war afterwards. Psh.
Today I saw all those peaks that saw war 19 years ago. Tiger Hill, Tololing, Batra Top, Rhino horn. 19 years ago Drass was thundering with the sound of ammunition. Drass has seen temperatures as low as -60 degrees. 12 feet of ice. Young men died in such conditions, only to be remembered annually on Vijay diwas. For 19 years children have lived without their fathers. Wives have grown old without their husbands. They must feel cheated no. I know uncles who fought this war. It's scary.
Today was the first time my family wept together silently. But we were all so comfortably emotional. Nobody hid their tears. It was overwhelming.
You have to be privileged to be a part of the Indian army man. No kidding.

This was day before yesterday. We drove from Hunder to Pangong Tso. I don't think I was prepared for the spectacle that is Pangong. I mean, I'd seen pictures of it and I knew it's gorgeous but when you see it with your naked eye you're not ready for the impact and every fibre of your body exclaims HOLY MOTHER OF FREAKING WHAT. Hussain bhaiyya said he's been there countless times and each time it looks more breathtaking than the last time (except when it's cloudy, he categorically mentioned). If had a buck for every time I thought of the age old cliche, 'no camera can do justice to this place', I'd be substantially wealthier. The water looked so pristine, I thought human contact would pollute it. (There WAS one human who went into the water, knee deep and got pictures taken. Someone give him a medal please). The water looked blue from far but when you looked closer you knew it was made of molten crystals. The sunlight fell on the ripples and cast silvery shadows. I could see the pebbles underwater. White, orange, black, grey coloured ones. Some were colours that don't even belong to the colour spectrum. The mountains that surrounded the lake were snow capped. Like a giant baker sprinkled powdered sugar on them. You can't imagine. As the sun set, the wind grew fierce. I wore FOUR layers on top and TWO layers below and went close to the lake again. I thought I was unshakeable, but the wind knows. We were swaying. We stayed in cottages right opposite the lake that night. And then night fell. The sky was the blackest black (like they write on the packaging of kajals these days but bro this was blacker). The mountains and the lake also merged into that black. The stars came along. I saw satellites move swiftly across. The wind grew worse. We ate dinner sitting in front of a Bukhari. Mamma told us stories of the various scars that me and Didi have earned over the years. My eyebrow scar, the one on my forehead. Such great stories. I can hear them over and over again so long as mamma tells them.
Papa took this photo. If I tag him and give him photo credits his Instagram will explode I think. He's new to insta. I don't think he understands it very well.

Say hello to the happiest camel in the world. 🤭

This was two days ago. We drove from Leh to Nubra Valley. Hard ascent. The air got rarer and colder. The barren landscape of Leh gave way to lots and lots of snow. Crossed Khardungla on the way. Highest motorable pass in the world. I wanted to savour the moment of being at such an iconic place and marvel at the humans who built the pass despite such extreme weather conditions, but ummmmm it was madness out there. Nobody paused to even breathe. People. Everyone wanted a picture by that yellow board. And you guys know my obsession with QUEUES right?! Uff. Chaos.
Anyway, moving on. Descent began. We entered the Nubra Valley. Again, the landscape changed completely. The famous sand dunes of Nubra started making an appearance. On our way to Hunder (our destination for the day) we saw a fork in the road, one of which was the road to Siachen. Papa got emotional because he regrets not having served there. These army men I tell you.
And then I went camel riding like you see in this picture. Touristy AF. Guilty as charged. Oh but these are no ordinary camels. Double humped camels. They came to India centuries ago via the silk route it seems. Man. So cool no.

We camped in tents that night. So basic but INCREDIBLE. Freezing water. Dal chawal. Best. We also had the absolute golden fortune of encountering the noisiest bunch of travellers that night. Bom diggy diggy it seems. At least we had rum and a private campfire. (Why do I sound so anti tourists?!) Waste.

Hiring @sapnasrinath as personal travel photographer because she is:
1. Fuss free
2. Talented
3. Good with angles
4. Good with light
5. I don't have to beg her
6. She volunteers to take photos of me
7. She's the greatest sister ever
8. Yeah

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