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If there’s one thing I’ve learned... it’s that I am stinkin thankul for TRUTH. This world has become a world that I feel is becoming less and less trustworthy & will constantly try and tell you all of the wrong things- but oh how grateful I am to have a God that has consistently brought me back to the Truth that IS Him. Words get ya. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that and this-they mean absolutely nothing without action.
BUT- get this: We have a God who offers truth day in and day out and every word He has spoken He has ALSO put it into action. And He loves you and I. So dang much.
With Valentines Day coming up... please hold onto that truth. That even though the world is telling you so many different things, or no matter how times you’ve been hurt/let down in the past by people’s words- you CAN trust Jesus. He will do what He says He is going to do. He has never once failed. Those promises you read about? He will fulfill them. And that’s something to rejoice in. Think of that kind of love. It is the best one out there. I can PROMISE you that.
Thank You, Jesus. For being a God who is consistent- who gives AND takes away- for loving us with no conditions. You choose us everyday regardless. And that is the most beautiful love story. One I never want to lose sight of. OH He makes me wanna be better!!! Whether you are spending Valentines single or in a relationship- try and look at it a little different tomorrow. Celebrate!!! Regardless of the love you are or are not feeling on this day- remember & BE GLAD that you DO have a God who loves you so much that He willingly sent His son to die in your place. What other love does that?!?!? ❤️

This year, y’all. Our last one together all under the same roof. Holy cow that’s weird to say. And sad to realize (😭). BUT- GOODNESS! I cannot thank the Lord enough for these two roommates and best friends. I can’t tell you how many times we hear, “I wish I had roommates like you guys”, “I wish my roommates and I hung out like you guys do”, “I wish I could come live with you guys” ... and after hearing that for the 1737282828 time it hit me how stinkin blessed I am to call them my roomies. It’s all fun and games. Here’s to these last few months of being together! This semester is FOR THA GIRLS. 👯‍♀️ #tcehoney @tcellis

As I sat through and read the responses of you girls who sent in things you struggle with... almost had something to do with comparison. Goodness. That hit me. Almost EVERY girl who told me what they struggled with, mentioned that. Can we just sit and think about that for a second? We are ALL comparing our lives to one another. Everyone wishing our lives looked a little different. And all of us just wanting it to be another way. And I just want to say this: hellooooo we are ALL doing that!! So let’s be aware of it. We’ve all heard it- “Comparison is the thief of joy”. So stop letting your thoughts get in the way of where God has you right now. When we compare we lose sight of what the Lord is trying to open our eyes up to in the here and now. We forget to stay planted in the season He has us in. We lose sight of the fact that His plan for our own lives look completely different than our best friends plan or the person who you barely know. Let’s take those thoughts captive and instead say, “You go girl! I’m pumped for YOU! God has you right where He wants you and He has me right where He wants me. And that’s beautiful. I don’t have to love every second of it, but I’ll rejoice in that a little bit more today, because the Lord has His hands on my life and I don’t want to be anywhere but in the presence of HIM & HIS plans for me.” Trusting in Jesus has never felt so sweet. Join me. Social media can portray perfection. And a lot of the time... almost always... that’s the farthest thing from the truth. We put our best foot forward. But just how you know that you don’t have it all together... the girl you envy doesn’t have it all together either. So let’s embrace that. Cheer eachother on. Envy isn’t beautiful. Remember what it’s like when you have people in your corner. Be that person. Let’s be for each other. Raise your hand if you’re ready to stop comparing and instead start embracing the season God has you in! 🙋🏼‍♀️

@orderinthe_court does it again. 💙

I’m having a hard time letting her go. #RetiringRobinson

Can’t believe we are in our last semester together. 😭 My future teacher finally got a day off!!! So we celebrated with Fuzzys, heading to Guthrie to get donuts so we can cuddle up and watch The Bachelor tonight with all the girls! & @janabethparker came for a visit. These are the best days.
She will be “Ms. Brown” to a group of kiddos next year, but if you want to change that to “Mrs.” then honestly... don’t hesitate. LMK.

Back at school for my last semester of undergrad. 😮 To say I’m walking into the unknown would be an understatement... but after years of seeing Jesus’ work in my life & those around me I’ve come to realize how beautiful the unknown really is when you are walking with Jesus. It’s easy to say “yeah we’ll follow You, Jesus. On my terms. When it’s comfortable for me. You can have everything in my life... except this one thing.” & Jesus has convicted my heart of that. How easy it is for us to give him bits and pieces of our lives in comparison to how difficult it can be to surrender it all. Cause surrendering all means dying to yourself. <—- that sounds kind of scary if you ask me. And as Jesus has begun working on my heart He has made me REALLY see that this life isn’t about us at all. It isn’t about the way we want things. It’s not about how we decide things will happen. It’s about how we can live a life that will bring glory to His name. It’s how He can use us. He is a God who gives and takes away, but always for the same reasons- to bring us closer to Him & shape us into becoming more like Him. And that’s the place I want to be. In His arms, living in HIS will, dying to myself and my plans daily. And surrendering it all over to Him. This is coming from a girl who was raised in a house that worshiped the Sooners and I ended up a Cowboy. (It never crossed my mind that I’d end up at OSU). But I’m here. And I see Gods hand all over it. I’ve loved every part of this journey. Has it been easy? Oh no. But I can look back and say I saw Jesus in it all. So wherever you are at in life... especially when nothing makes sense... TRUST our Jesus. Because although it may feel scary & uncomfortable... He is about to move. And it won’t always add up to what we wanted or the plans we made for ourselves- it rarely does. But that’s the beauty of a life with Jesus... because He gives us so much more than we ever could dream of for ourselves.

2019. I can’t say I know what to expect or even know what I’m doing. But I know one thing is for sure & it’s that I have this woman, my momma, @janabethparker by my side through the journey. And if there’s one thing she’s taught me... it’s this. Lift your hands up. In the highs and the lows. To never doubt how stinkin good Jesus is. That His plan prevails. That my plan doesn’t even compare to what He has prepared. That joy doesn’t come from our circumstances. She has pointed me to the truth that IS Jesus. She has reminded me that He has broken every chain. That He is my living hope. She has lifted me up when I honestly couldn’t lift myself up. She has shown me Jesus and His love every single time she speaks. Not only to me, but to all she comes in contact with. She has praised Jesus with me during my best moments & she has praised Him alongside me during some of the worst. She has been the mom I can only dream of being. But even more so, she’s been a woman of God that Proverbs preaches about. Every time I see this picture it brings me back to this promise: That the Lord holds me and my life in HIS hands. So I hope 2019 is nothing short of realizing the promise the Lord has given to all of us. That the battle has been won. He fights for us everyday. Choosing to trust that this year. Choosing to fall in LOVE with that realization. And I’m going to rejoice- through all that 2019 brings.

So glad I got to hug this girl, @orderinthe_court, and @kenady.grace tonight. Forever thankful for the friendship I have in them. 💛 also @kenadygrace account got hacked- so please go report it for her 😂

Best season. All around. Love this time of year & loving this season of life. Thank YOU, Jesus! Merry Christmas ❤️ Jeans are from my people- @vicidolls & they are THE BEST. #vicidolls #vicicollab

Eating a donut... back at my home church... in my Christmas pants. BEST LIFE. @tcellis #tcehoney

🎄MOOD bc I’m going to Santa’s Wonderland tonight!!!! FREAKING OUT (it better be as good as @kate_bass makes it sound)

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