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Pricne Oochie (Slim Vinny)  Google me or YouTube me 😯👉 showslimstunna #EnjoyTheMoments #NeverGiveUp #ChaseYourDreams


Happy birthday to my dog!
Bro doing 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit (he cuda told who really did it, but he refused to snitch, & took da time on his chin)

Some people make music for forever ~ some people make forever music

Update yall, I can walk again by myself (with a cane)
- now I jus gotta get a spinal cord surgery & get both of my hips replaced... #ChaseYallDreams & #NeverGiveUp ...
& I appreciate everybody who showed me support!

My goal is to be walking again by myself before Thanksgiving.
Lord da back of my head look so trash smh

Don't be fooled by the laughter in this video.
My friend left, im crying now

Since Im stuck in here missing my trip to Mexico...
My friends brought Mexico to me. Its a blessing to have real friends (People that keep their word, People that actually wanna see u happy)

Im glad I can feed myself again.
Now I jus gotta walk by myself again. #NeverGiveUp

Brain surgery Wednesday.
If yall don't see me post nothing by Friday... Im dead
(I hope none of yall ever have to experience this,,, cant walk, throw up everything u eat, stay getting dizzy, passing out, etc...)
#CherishLife & #ChaseYallDreams

Laughing not to cry in front of my cold hearted sweet friend.
Brain surgeon said if i'on get brain surgery this week. Ima die.
Then I gotta get a spinal cord surgery. Then I gotta get a hip replacement smh.
God dragging me 😔

Living on borrowed time...
Link in my bio 🙏😯

I wanna live forever [snippet]
I be losing my balance at the most random times. That's a brain surgery issue
(Click ona link in my bio)

I done smashed the best of em... Getting a girl, dats nothing... Soon as I trust her & put my guard down, she show me she jus like the rest of em™

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